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For the last 10 years, Notifii has been moving the day to day notification systems for property and facility managers to the cloud — to make everyday communications quick and painless. From package management to resident notices, power your onsite office with Notifii.

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Package management

Notifii Track is a cloud-based, app-based package management software designed to save the user time by decreasing the time spent logging packages down to seconds.

Popular features

  • Smart Snap OCR Tool
  • Automatic email & text notifications
  • Directory integrations
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Email & text platform

Notifii Connect provides a powerful centralized communications hub for automated mass SMS text messaging and email to deliver messages for communities.

Popular features

  • Text and email templates
  • Auto-responder FAQ tools
  • Dynamic grouping
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Asset management

Notifii Checkout eliminates the cost of lost assets by efficiently tracking the equipment your business relies on with a simple and effective cloud-based solution.

Popular features

  • Camera to scan log in/out
  • Automatic notifications
  • Equipment reservation
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Log packages in a snap

Reduce the time to log a package by 75%. Notifii Track gives you the ability to take pictures, flag damaged packages, and attach custom notes to the record which allows for the highest level of accountability and accuracy in your package management.

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“Anyone who values not watching their employees sweat over antiquated software will find this worth it.”

— Techspace, Notifii customer since March 2020

Case studies

Retain More Residents

Engaged residents are residents that renew! Send unlimited messages via text or email to your residents with the help of Notifii Connect and our automation package communications hub!

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55,856,222 Number of packages logged
$256,368,234 Dollars saved
54,198,882 Number of texts sent
101,834,345 Number of emails sent


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