3 Front Desk Tools that Will Save Your Office Time and Money

Finding the right technology can dramatically improve how your company does business. Workplace tools are effective because they enable your employees to work more effectively. When it is easy for your employees to do their jobs correctly, that flows down to your customers and improves their overall level of satisfaction with your company. We would highly suggest any of these free trials, see just what this technology can do for you!

Notifii Track

The era of easy shipping has reached an all-time high, and with it comes a great many hassles for the unsuspecting mailroom or front desk. Whether your teams are expecting swag, product samples, or office supplies, you want to be able to get it to them as quickly as possible.

Utilizing a cloud-based package management software solution like Notifii Track allows a user to effortlessly scan a package and notify the recipient of its arrival instantaneously via text, email, or Slack. These transactions are then recorded and curated into a variety of reports allowing a user to track every movement the packages make throughout the building. Whether you’re moving from an inefficient pen and paper process, or from an expensive outdated hardware logistics system, implementing a cloud-based package management software like Notifii Track will save a company time, resources and provide a more efficient and seamless package management experience.

Zendesk Support

Every once in awhile a product gets made that is obviously built for the betterment of the employee. Zendesk Support is a smart system that can help customers, sort requests for employees, and build easy to use workflows that simplify how your employees get to work.

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Zendesk Support allows customers to fill out easy to follow requests that are custom designed to help collect the information that your company needs. Getting the request in the hands of the right person is key. You can easily gather all the necessary information so that when your customer hears back, it is with solutions, not more questions about the problem.


Freshdesk brings together a wide range of helpful tools that can both benefit your employees and your customers. This system is made to expedite the process of providing solutions for your customers, and with its expansive collection of tools, it does exactly that. As an added bonus, Freshdesk takes things to the next level by making collaboration easier. With this, your employees can work together to provide a better and faster solution to your customers when the need arises.

Freshdesk helps to optimize your team’s processes through the creation of a fully streamlined singular request interface. Your employees will be able to identify a new request from an old one, and will even be alerted when they should have already given a response. This is unbelievably helpful because it enables your employees to always be at the right place at the right time, which means that your customers are going to be getting the kind of service that they deserve.
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