6 Reasons Why Property Managers Should Use Automation

Today’s property managers have more on their plates than ever. From growing safety concerns to requests for rent repayment plans, every day seems to present a new set of challenges. But responding to these challenges when you are short on time and revenue is often the greatest challenge of all.

Property management automation is a welcome solution for busy landlords. After all, it can be difficult to focus on leasing and tenant satisfaction when you are bogged down with rent collections and maintenance tasks. Below are six reasons to introduce property management automation tools to curb day-to-day costs and boost revenue.  

1) You will finally feel like a property manager instead of a collections agent. 

When you accepted your property manager position, you probably never expected to spend so much time tracking people down to collect money. But if you still manually gather rent from tenants, you probably feel more like a collections agent than a property manager.

Online rent collection allows you and your tenants to save time. More importantly, it promotes a healthy cash flow. With just a few clicks or swipes, tenants can make online payments that are immediately recorded. Here are a few ways automation can help you with rent collection:

  • Identify tenants who are late on rent in a matter of seconds. 
  • See real-time payment activity online.
  • Send automated payment reminders to minimize late payments each month. 

2) You can attract new tenants affordably and with ease. 

Marketing automation is the cornerstone of success for many of today’s top property managers. When used in conjunction with effective traditional techniques, automated marketing activities will help you boost your online presence.

Compared to outbound marketing activities, automated inbound activities can attract prospective tenants at a fraction of the cost. Here are just a few examples of affordable automated marketing features:

  • Live chat: As the most preferred form of communication, live chat enables you to communicate with prospective tenants in real-time.
  • Social media marketing: Social media automation has exploded. You can now use free apps to advertise vacant properties and promotions.
  • Google Ads: You do not have to be a coding expert to automate your Google ads and attract new tenants.

3) You can save time and money on late rent notices. 

Did you know that 30% of Americans missed their housing payments in June 2020? If you were already struggling to serve your late rent notices, you may feel more overwhelmed than ever by delinquent payments. At the same time, the amount of time and money being spent on late notifications adds fuel to the fire.

Automated emails and texts enable you to effortlessly notify tenants that they are late on rent. Top-performing platforms such as Notifii Connect enable you to compose and send reminders from your desktop or your favorite mobile device. You can customize your message to target a few people, a small group of residents, or your entire community. Notifii Connect also allows you to schedule the days for notices to be sent and base your communication on triggers, such as rent being three days late. Here are some specific ways automated emails and texts save time and money:

  • You save money on paper and printing, as there is no longer a need to hand generate notices and tape them to tenants’ doors.
  • You save time because you no longer have to look up unit numbers and physically tape notices to doors.
  • You immediately have more time to devote to activities that produce revenue.

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4) You can stop dreading tenant maintenance issues.

If you are like most property managers, you rarely look forward to maintenance tasks. The thought of another day spent scheduling appointments, issuing vendor payments, and finding time to follow up on outstanding maintenance issues is enough to make even the most dedicated property manager dream of calling in sick.

Tracking and organizing maintenance requests become a breeze with automated requests and scheduling. If you have been drowning in a sea of maintenance issues, here are some ways that property management automation can help:

  • Eliminate cumbersome paperwork hassles by using cloud-based software
  • Save on paper and printing costs by organizing work orders, payments, and updates online
  • Help prevent missed maintenance appointments by scheduling recurring service tasks

5) You can spend more time selling and less time sorting. 

If your office often looks more like a UPS sorting facility than a leasing office, you are not alone. Resident packages and freight can accumulate quickly. Before you know it, you can feel like you could confidently add “Expert Package Handler” to your list of specialized skills.

Package management software like Notifii Track enables you to focus more on leasing and less on package handling. The convenient package logging app allows you to scan packages upon arrival. Residents are automatically notified right away, enabling them to retrieve their packages faster. In addition to having more time to generate revenue, you can finally enjoy a clutter-free office. 

6) Your community will begin to market itself. 

Marketing experts agree that word of mouth is the most effective type of marketing. As a property manager, your tenants are like a group of potential ambassadors for your community. If you create an enjoyable living experience for them, they will be more likely to refer their friends and family to your community.

Word-of-mouth marketing about your community is the payoff you will receive for introducing automation. Between online payment options, timely maintenance appointments, and professional reminders, the tenants you serve will become more satisfied with their living experience. And satisfied tenants are exactly what you need for word-of-mouth advertising to have a positive impact on your revenue.

What is the best way to introduce property management automation to your routine?

As outlined above, automation offers a variety of benefits to overworked, cost-conscious property managers. But the prospect of adapting your daily routine can be a bit intimidating. The single best way to enjoy a smooth transition to automation is to reach out to an expert in the property management software industry.

We invite you to contact us at Notifii to schedule a consultation with one of our software specialists. During your meeting with us, you will discover why property managers across America turn to us to save time and resources. We will also arrange a free 14-day trial of our Notifii Connect platform. After just a few hours of using Notifii Connect, you will see how email and text automation can transform your day-to-day life as a property manager. Finally, we will work with you to schedule a one-on-one demo that will enable you to see firsthand the many other ways Notifii can make your daily routine easier.