Client Packages: Dealing with the Aftermath of Accepting Packages

Let’s be honest; handling client packages throughout the shipping chain isn’t a child’s play. Unless you take extra care when accepting the packages and ensure safe delivery to their rightful recipients. You will always be held accountable for anything sinister that happens in-between. For instance, if you’re a property manager, your tenants expect their packages to be delivered on time and in the correct status. But is that always a guarantee? 

Picture this: you have a central receiving or mailroom where carriers bring all the entire building packages. You or your mailroom clerk has to log all the packages. Then notify each tenant and have them pick up their packages or deliver them to their doorsteps. 

This is, evidently, a lot of work that’s labor-intensive and can lead to human errors, especially if done manually. The good news is that you can leverage a top-rated package management tool. To automate the process and log as many packages as possible in a few clicks and error-free. 

This post takes a deeper dive at some of the common challenges associated with handling client packages. Plus, the best practices of how to overcome them. So let’s jump right in! 

Tips for Handling Client Packages

As we mentioned, upon accepting client packages, you’re liable for anything that happens to them. But you don’t want to bear such a liability, do you? In the section below, we’ll give tips regarding:

  • What to do if packages are lost
  • How to prevent packages from getting lost
  • How to handle a package that doesn’t belong to your company

What to Do if Packages are Lost

It’s your responsibility to ensure that the parcel reaches the rightful owner in good shape and at the anticipated time. But what if the package gets lost along the way? Here’s how to go about it:

Wait for 24 hours

Some companies will mark their packages as “delivered”. And even send you a notification when they haven’t gotten on the road. It is always wise to wait for one business day as they may arrive the following day.

Check with the next building’s management

It’s not uncommon for package mix-ups to happen, especially among neighboring buildings. More often than not, the chances are that your neighbors mistook the package as theirs. And it’s not mail theft hence the need to check with the building’s management. 

Contact the shipping company

After waiting for 24 hours and checking with the next building or office and there’s still no sign of your package, it’s time to get in touch with the shipping company. The company’s representative will note your concern, figure what’s going on, and get back to you within a few hours. And if the package, indeed, got lost, reputable shippers like UPS and FedEx usually have an online claiming process where you can file a report and get reimbursed.

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But what if the package never arrives and the shipping company doesn’t replace it?

Unfortunately, that’s a possibility, especially if it’s a precious item, and the company can’t afford a replacement for it. By now, we’re assuming you’ve notified the tenant about what’s going on, right? 

First, you want to check whether the tenant bought the items with a credit card. If so, review the credit card terms to see if the issuer offers purchase protection covering the lost item’s cost. The other option is to file a claim for your homeowners/renters insurance covering lost packages. Unfortunately, this may not bear fruits if the item is highly valuable.

How to Prevent Packages from Getting Lost

There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with the aftermath of stolen or lost client packages. Luckily, there are a few ways to prevent this from occurring.

Technology has presented a solution for streamlining accepting client packages, making it overly efficient and less time-consuming. Use a system like Notifii Track package tracking solution. Mailroom operators only need a smartphone device to scan and log in the parcels. 

One of the reasons residents lose their packages is letting them sit in the mailroom for long. And that’s the challenge this package management software seeks to address. Besides logging the packages in a snap, the system also sends automatic notifications. Informing residents that their items are ready for pick-up.

Enhance mailroom security

Residential apartments, student houses, and office premises consist of and receive people from different walks of life. And the last thing you want is someone else’s package to end up in the wrong hands. To prevent that, ensure that the access controls and the locks work correctly. Also, be sure to change the mailroom periodically. And the keys should be with you at all times or locked away in a safe/drawer.

How Should You Handle a Package That Doesn’t Belong to Your Company?

To err is human, they say. Sometimes the shipping company may deliver a package that doesn’t belong to your company or tenants. And you’re left wondering what you should do with it. Here are a few tips to address the situation:

Check for a delivery mistake

If you’re a property manager receiving packages on your tenants’ behalf, you want to check with the next building’s management to check for a possible mix-up. If that’s not the case, you want to confirm that you provided the correct address as typos or misspellings could cause mix-ups. Last but not least, as we alluded to above, a package may be marked as “delivered” when the delivery process hasn’t begun yet, so it might be best to wait at least 24 hours before taking further action.

Check the tracking system

After confirming that there’s a delivery mistake, you want to use your Notifii Track tracking system to trace the path your rightful package might have taken. Note all the details. Including the time your package was to arrive, a confirmation that the delivered package doesn’t belong to your company, and the address where your intended parcel was taken.

Contact the shipping company

With all these details at your disposal, you’ve made it easier for the shipping or courier company to correct the mistake. It will be up to them to do the swaps, i.e., take the misdelivered package to their rightful owner and bring your company’s package. If the shipper causes an inconveniencing delay to correct their mess, you can request your money back on the shipping charges. 

And if they can’t locate your package within a few days, you qualify to file a claim to get a reimbursement. As long as you can provide evidence of the value of your company’s package content plus the amount you spent on shipping.

Notifii is Your No.1 Package Tracking Partner

As a property manager, student housing manager, or office administrator, you’d agree that dealing with the consequences of accepting client packages is a nerve-racking experience. Wouldn’t you? Well, it’s a good thing that Notifii has just what you need to streamline the package management and delivery process. 

Our package management software helps you clear the mailroom faster. Logging as many packages as possible in and out in a snap. The system also sends automatic email and text notifications for any action taken. Plus, you can effortlessly account for the packages by scrolling through the searchable history and reports to find all the package information. And the best part? You can create custom handling instructions for special items such as perishable, hazardous, or high-priority.

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