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Adding Value in the Age of Virtual Amenities


Adding Value in the Age of Virtual Amenities

H  ere’s a reality check: the first generation to grow up with continual online access, Generation Z—also known as the iGeneration or Post-Millennials—is getting ready to enter the rental world. Gen Z’ers consume technology at a higher rate than any other demographic—checking their smartphones every three minutes. With smart home technologies having played such a big role in their lives, they have some pretty high expectations about what life as a resident should be like. More so, the generations behind them are catching up and wanting very similar experiences as they become more and more tech savvy.

Most compelling, is that these expectations are now becoming the difference between whether a resident signs a new lease or stays at a particular property in the future. This wave of “proptech” (short for property management technologies) and virtual amenities is forever changing how residents assign value to their communities and whether they stay or go. According to Sprout Social, Gen Z and Millennials lead the way in spending their money with brands the they have had a positive exchange with from a technologies standpoint.

Take for instance package management. 60 million Gen Zers reside in the U.S. and spend almost $44 billion annually in online shopping (Source: Retail Dive, 2017). In addition, there are over 80 million Millennials who also spend $600 billion annually (Source: Forbes, June 2017) Combined, these two segments account for an unprecedented amount of packages being shipped—last year Amazon alone shipped over 5 billion packages.

In order to meet this nonstop barrage of packages, property managers must be able to provide a virtual amenity that allows for the management and organization of the packages while at the same time providing a digital solution for residents that allows them to conveniently pick up their arriving purchases in simple fashion.

At Notifii, we’re focused on creating virtual amenities that can solve basic logistical problems while also adding both perceived and bottom line value for you and your residents. Our Track Package Management solution for example, is designed to make the entire process of receiving and picking up packages a valuable and convenient amenity. Packages can be logged and processed in seconds at the property manager’s office and residents are automatically alerted via email and text message. Reminders are automatically sent when residents don't pick up the packages promptly. And when they do come in, with one easy digital signature, they’re in and out in seconds.

With Notifii Connect, we turn your resident’s affinity for two-way text into a powerful community communication platform that includes one-to-one resident/manager messaging and group notifications. This means that residents can talk amongst each other, with resident groups and conveniently converse with their property managers in real-time without the delays and hassles of email, voicemails, etc.

The bottom line is that technology, when integrated into your resident’s everyday lifestyles, becomes a powerful enabler and accelerator for both improving experience and adding massive value to all of your residents.

If you’d like to learn more our package management solution—Notifii Track—or our community messaging platform—Notifii Connect—visit us at or give us a call at (888) 506-8536 and one of our experts will be happy to answer any questions you might have.