Gen Z Renters – How You Can Attract Them in Securing a Property

Are you a property owner or manager looking to attract long-term and reliable Gen Z renters? If so, then you clicked the right post. As of now, Gen Z members have started becoming of age, enrolling in college, and getting their first jobs. And guess what else? They also can’t wait to secure a place they call their own, albeit in a rental capacity. 

But you must also do your part if you wish to fill your vacant units with young renters. We’re talking about providing the right amenities, leveraging the power of social media, implementing up-to-date technologies, prioritizing efficiency, and more. Keep scrolling to gain in-depth insights on how to attract Gen Z renters.

How You Can Attract Gen Z Renters

Implement Up-to-Date Technologies

Unlike the older generation, who don’t mind getting things done manually, Gen Zers are the opposite. Most of them live by the “right here, right now” principle, and if you can’t reflect that on your rental properties, it may be challenging to attract customers. 

In particular, sending and receiving packages is a significant issue for Gen Zers. They want the whole process streamlined and automated right from the point of departure until arrival. Nothing frustrates this generation more than getting their packages mixed up, delayed, or misplaced on transit. Luckily, there’s a solution! 

Notifii Track is a package management software that property managers can avail to their tenants to handle items efficiently. Logging packages has never been easier and faster with this tool as it only takes a snap. What’s more, it sends automatic email or text notifications every time you complete a task like logging packages. Gen Zers will also love the tool’s customizable unique handling instructions. It informs the recipients on how to handle their packages depending on factors like perishability, high-priority, weight, or hazard nature. 

Notifii Connect is another revolutionary technology that we guarantee your Gen Z tenants will love. For one, the younger tenants value communication and appreciate immediate replies whenever they face any challenges. That’s where Notifii Connect comes into play; it provides an efficient platform for residents to text the property management office via text or emails to raise any concerns. Likewise, the app enables property managers to effectively manage the bulk messages from tenants and deliver tailored responses. 

You can also invest in other innovative technologies to entice your Gen Z renters, including virtual personal assistants, video monitoring, smart door locks, thermostats, and more.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Popular social media channels like Facebook, Tiktok, Snapchat, and Instagram are a hub for attracting high-quality Gen Z tenants. Did you know that more than 74% of the younger generation spend their free time online? If you haven’t favored such social platforms for your rental apartment marketing, then you’re missing out on a lot of potential leads. 

But here’s a warning: while at it, you want to bring in your A-game because Gen Zers are known for a term called “scrolling,” where they scroll past irrelevant posts in a flash. As such, unless your posts are attention-grabbing and unswerving, you may not attract any engagements. 

High-density videos, top-class images, and concise explainers are natural attention-grabbers – guaranteed. Be sure to design your marketing posts with bold graphics, shouting colors, clear fonts, and if applicable, use Gifs and other fun-filled content that spark interest.

Provide the Best Amenities

Providing world-class apartment features is one of the best ways of enticing the younger generation to rent your units. Here are a few amenities you can provide:

  • Modern appliances. The younger renters are usually hesitant to purchase high-cost devices until they own a permanent home. So you can lift that burden off their shoulders by providing valuable modern appliances like coffeemakers, washing machines, ovens, etc. And the reward? They wouldn’t think of vacating your property. 
  • Fast Wi-Fi. Providing high-speed Wi-Fi is another resident retention hack that you want to consider. If not browsing online or using social media, Gen Zers spend most of their free time streaming shows, playing games, or completing tasks. All these need a reliable internet connection, and providing one boosts your chances of attracting young renters. 
  • Sufficient storage space. Gen Zers are significant drivers of the online shopping craze, and the trend isn’t withering any time soon. As such, your apartment must provide enough space for the tenants to store their clothes, appliances, and other items. Be sure to offer extra-large closets, enough cabinet space, racks to hang bikes, etc.
  • A pool. Pools also attract Gen Z renters because very few fancy walking to the beach or using a community amenity. They also love a chance to gather and enjoy the fresh outdoor ambiance.

Other fantastic amenities you can install to entice young renters include a gym, smart locks, sufficient parking, a pet-friendly environment, etc.

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Make the Leasing Process Overly Efficient

We understand that the leasing process attracts lots of goings-on, including identity verification, reviewing the terms and conditions, and making the first deposit. However, Gen Zers aren’t the patient type, and they’d easily give up if they feel humiliated in the process. 

So, what’s the better alternative? For starters, you want to prioritize a mobile-first approach as opposed to the hands-on technique. The younger generation moves with their smartphones everywhere and prefer using them to complete various tasks efficiently. 

Instead of giving them lease forms to fill out or compelling them to pay rent via written check, let them leverage digital options. If you haven’t already, be sure to reform your leasing process to eliminate all the paperwork and create digital options for such processes as rent payments, lease renewal, on-premise communication, etc.

There You Go!

So it all boils down to implementing the latest technologies like Notifii Track and Connect, leveraging social media channels for leads, investing in the best amenities, and streamlining the leasing process. These are a few must-haves for your rental properties; implement them, and we guarantee you’ll attract high-quality Gen Z renters who will keep your units full for the long-term.

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