Lab Operation Apps: 7 Best Apps You Can Use to Improve Health Operations

Medical labs normally deal with vast volumes of data that require careful recording, storing, and handling. Particularly because patient data can be rather sensitive. As such, health facilities need to invest in software and applications that can ensure clinical lab data is handled in an error-free and efficient manner. This is where lab operation apps come in. 

Ideally, lab operation apps are laboratory information systems that help automate lab processes and workflows. This allows health professionals to streamline medical lab management processes to facilitate easy and accurate patient data management. 

3 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Lab Operation Apps

Fundamentally, there are three key factors to consider when picking lab operation apps: 

Efficiency —

Lab operation apps help physicians attend to as many patients as possible without compromising the quality of services. With the average time a patient spends with a doctor down to 15 minutes, health officers need to make good use of their time with the use of medical apps. 

 Accuracy —

Doctors can avoid the inaccurate patient diagnosis, reduce prescription errors, and eliminate confusing paper trails by storing patient data electronically. Applications can also facilitate collaboration among doctors, which is a sure way to improve service delivery and lab operations.

Convenience —

Making it easy and convenient for physicians to access critical patient information is critical to ensure no bottlenecks in a lab setting. This goes a long way in enhancing accuracy and efficiency in healthcare provision.

7 Best Lab Operation Apps to Improve Healthcare Service Delivery

With these factors in mind, read on to see the seven best lab operation apps that can help you improve healthcare service delivery

Notifii Track

This package management software is a cloud-based package management software that helps to provide transparency and accountability in package logging – while cutting down the time it takes to manage inbound shipments. You can notify your employees instantly as packages make their way to the mailroom. Some features that make Notifii Track stand out include; 

  • Smart Snap OCR tool – Log packages in seconds with just a photo
  • Automated email and text notifications – customize notifications to the end recipient
  • Custom Handling Instructions – label packages as perishable, hazardous or temperature-controlled
  • Detailed logs – from photos to shipping information, access all history associated with each package that arrives in your facility

Notifii Track can be quite useful in improving health operations, especially in reducing the time spent scanning and logging packages. This helps to improve service delivery not only in the lab but in all sectors of a healthcare facility. 

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Lab Values Medical Reference App 

This comprehensive iOS and Android compatible application comes with three medical reference tools: Lab reference values, medical abbreviations, as well as medical prefixes and suffixes. Here, content is organized alphabetically and by category to make it easy for providers to navigate and access information. 

It’s a completely editable app. So, providers can create, organize, and store information and lab values, as well as edit existing data. It also includes links to medical resources like Lab Tests Online, Medline Plus, and Clinlab Navigator.

iLabsDDX App

iLabsDDX App is designed primarily to guide healthcare providers as they deal with abnormal lab management. Essentially, it offers a differential diagnosis list for a variety of abnormal labs. Including common electrolyte abnormalities, acid-base disorders, acute complications of diabetes, acute kidney injuries, as well as blood gas analysis. 

iLabsDDX App also includes charts, tutorials, and treatment suggestions for the mentioned abnormalities. This makes it possible for physicians to provide health care effectively. The app is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. 

MDCalc Medical Calculator

Medical calculations are part of health operations, and tools like MDCalc Medical Calculator comes in handy here. This tool is particularly recognized for its emphasis on evidence-based medicine and medical decision rules. It incorporates studies on different calculations and links, as well as pitfalls and expert commentary. 

Further, healthcare providers have access to more than 270 clinical decision-making tools, their equations and calculations, and formulas. Providers can use the MDCalc Medical Calculator app to determine the severity of the disease and accordingly provide appropriate treatment. This app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. 

Pocket Lab Values

This is another comprehensive app that providers can use to access information to over 320 lab values for various health conditions. One of its main benefits is that it allows providers to keep track of variables (e.g., tube colors and other values) that vary from one health institution to another, allowing them to offer the right medical solutions. 

You can edit these values to match your institution. Thanks to features that allow you to record, edit, as well as store relevant notes. Pocket Lab Values offers high and low differential lab values in SI and US units, as well as links to medical websites and data. The application is compatible with iOS and Android devices. 


LabGear is one of the best lab apps for multiple reasons; as an award-winning lab reference application, it contains over 300 medical lab tests for every body system with descriptions, differential diagnosis, and other critical medical information. All the information therein is peer-reviewed, which makes it more credible and reliable. 

LabGear also comes with fishbone diagrams for preset testing panels, with test searches having information on the test’s purpose as well as detail on associated conditions and symptoms. You are also sure to access a section of drug dosages for common inpatient medications and links to valuable online resources. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. 


This versatile app is mainly geared toward ensuring physicians are up-to-date with relevant information in the medical field. It essentially gives access to drug information, medical education opportunities, and medical calculators. With the app, providers can have access to; 

  • News report on various medical topics 
  • A tool to visually identify pills 
  • Access to prescription information on more than 8,000 drugs 
  • Ability to see how drugs interact with each other 
  • More than 600 dosing calculators
  • Access to more than 4,000 medical conditions
  • Educational videos to more than 1,000 medical procedures 
  • Access to medical journals, etc. 

More than 50 percent of medical professionals use Medscape, which proves its efficiency as one of the best lab apps. The app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle services.

Simplify Your Lab Workflows

Certainly, lab operation apps are integral to medical care. Thanks to their ability to offer a convenient guide to medical tests and evidence-based studies. Providers can benefit greatly from these apps by accessing relevant medical information on reference values and interpretation, causes for values, unit conversions, and more. 

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