Best Practices on How to Build a Package Room

As antiquated as it sounds, many mailrooms are still using paper and pen to log incoming packages. Their tracking system is a notebook full of handwritten notes and dates, and when they do finally “upgrade,” it’s to an Excel sheet that’s also filled out by hand.

Old-school systems are sluggish and clunky, consuming minutes per package and offering no easy way to find out more about what’s coming or going. These inefficiencies are ushering in the adoption of intelligent package rooms that can remove much of the guesswork and significantly reduce the hands-on involvement of package handling.

One of the biggest considerations when designing an efficient package room is deciding how to organize it and how to make it self-serving if staffing cost is an issue. Put the following tips into practice to minimize the amount of time you spend on each package, heighten security, and create an efficient self-serving, 24/7 intelligent mailroom for your employees or residents:

Have a Designated Package Room

The front desk is not a mailroom, nor should it be treated as such. But for many corporations, this is too often the case. Dropping off a mountain of parcels at the front desk is easy for delivery workers because it saves them time and cuts down on how far they have to carry packages.

However, the front desk is also the first point of contact for visitors, and seeing piles of packages first thing doesn’t present a professional image.

Instead, make sure you have a specific room dedicated for mailroom activities. The mailroom location should be large enough to hold the typical number of packages received on the heaviest day, so look back at delivery trends to plan accordingly.

Develop a Package System

Having an organization system can save time when deciding where to store and how to distribute packages.

Within the mailroom, designated specific space for packages to reduce clutter and prevent items from becoming lost. Some mailrooms will mark off shelf space and label them with codes, which will also be listed on the recipient’s pick-up notification. This way, mailroom workers will know exactly where a package is located (or for self-service locations, the recipient themselves).

Install Security Measures

For many corporations, having a staffed mailroom simply isn’t feasible based on budget concerns or the small number of packages you receive each day. If you have a self-service mailroom, it’s important to provide your employees with peace of mind knowing their mail is protected, especially if they can’t immediately pick up their packages.

Installing a few cameras inside and outside the mailroom can not only make employees feel more confident but also deter would-be thieves. You may also consider making the mailroom accessible by keycard or code so that only employees can gain entry. This can be a major game-changer if you share a building with other businesses or are easily accessed by the public.

Pre-Plan for Expansion

The number of packages delivered each day is increasing. In fact, one study shows that global shipping increased by 48% in just two years, a trend that will likely continue. New trends like last mile delivery and delivery-by-drone support this idea, showing that companies are in need of better, faster, delivery methods to keep up with demand.

This means that you shouldn’t base your mailroom size and function solely on today’s package demand, but also what the demand will likely be in the future. Otherwise, you run the risk of outgrowing your space and technology in a short time span and must start the process over again.

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Consider Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Inefficient processes like handwritten notifications aren’t just time-consuming, they’re also not environmentally friendly. Cutting down on paper consumption and being mindful of the environment are top priorities for many companies, and you can extend your eco-friendly practices to your corporate mailroom.

For example, instead of using paper notices to stuff in mailboxes when a package arrives, switch to an email or text message system that notifies recipients automatically. Ditch paper logs in favor of web-based package tracking software that can store all your package receiving data (and make it searchable!).

Use Notifii Mail Receiving Software

The most important element of creating a smart mailroom is the technology you use. Without the package logging software, your mailroom is nothing more than a storage closet.

For a staffed mailroom, Notifii Track package logging software helps you log packages in just seconds then automatically sends notifications to recipients at scale. This solution is usually reserved for offices or apartment buildings that have available staff to log packages out.

With Notifii Track Kiosk Mode, you can create a completely self-service mailroom. Packages are still logged in seconds and employees/residents are notified instantly. However, Kiosk Mode allows your package recipients to retrieve their own packages, anytime.

How It Works

Kiosk Mode allows you to create a completely self-serving smart room available 24/7 by setting up your iPad in the mailroom as a checkout station for recipients to pick up and check out their own packages. The intuitive design creates an easy to use experience for your employees or residents and will lock into Kiosk Mode, protecting the other functions and data of your Notifii software.

The package is delivered and quickly logged in. Notifii Track software offers customization allowing you to send a notification with the needed specifics for your recipient to pick up the package, such as shelf number, tracking number or even a parcel delivery picture.

When your employee or resident is ready to retrieve their package, they simply identify themselves on the iPad in Kiosk Mode and can log their package out. If multiple packages are available for the recipient, they will all be listed.

Finally, the recipient will be required to sign for the package, adding that extra element of accountability. We suggest combining the Notifii Track Kiosk Mode with the security cameras mentioned for optimal security.

To create the most secure, easy to use, and organized smart mailroom, use these guidelines in combination with Notifii Track inbound package logging software in Kiosk Mode.

Have questions about how Notifii Track Kiosk Mode works? Contact Us or Schedule a free demo today and see how Notifii makes building an intelligent package room easy and affordable!