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September 3, 2019

Notifii Track Now Integrates with OneLogin and Okta for Faster Service

Notifii Track and Notifii Connect now integrate with Onelogin and Okta for faster service, bringing the ultimate in efficiency to your mailroom. Discover how this impacts your operations.
September 3, 2019

Best Practices on How to Build a Smart Package Room

The increasing popularity of online shopping and delivery services has put the modern mailroom in crisis. Use these best practices to ensure efficient mailroom operations and stay ahead of the package surge.
September 3, 2019

Don’t Be Held Liable for your Residents’ Pricey Amazon Purchases

Online shopping is taking over, and the last thing you want is to be held liable for expensive amazon orders that don't make it to the right recipient. Use these package logging tools and tips to create complete accountability and eliminate liability.
September 3, 2019

University Mailroom Do’s and Don’ts

University mailrooms are feeling the impact of online shopping. Here are a few key tips on how to run an efficient mailroom for your staff and students.
August 26, 2019

10 Insane Text Messaging Statistics You Never Knew

It has never been more important to incorporate text messaging into your communication platform with residents. These ten stats show just how influential text messaging can be.
August 16, 2019

Notifii Integrates With Slack!

Notifii mailroom package tracking just got one of its most notable upgrades to date: a connection to Slack, the game-changing team messaging app.