The Greystar portfolio spans over 1,600 properties and uses Notifii Track package management software for its student housing communities across the nation.


The University Towers, a Greystar off-campus student housing community in Raleigh, North Carolina is a prestigious and popular student apartment complex that offers a bevy of amenities to its residents. One of the amenities they like to boast is the package management system, and their ability to accept packages for their residents. However, Jason Souza, Community Manager at The University Towers, remembered what it was like prior to implementing a package tracking software.

The package management in place for The University Towers was completely dependent on manual logging and tracking with paper slips. Souza recalled the frustration from his team as they would hand write slips and put them into individual mailboxes only to have the students never check their mailboxes, opting to call the front desk constantly looking for packages instead. “The major pain points of our process were students not picking their packages up because they did not check their mailbox frequently enough. The mailroom would back up with packages, and then we would receive phone calls,” said Souza.

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The Solution

Souza recognized the need for a change in the way his team was managing packages in order to save them time and eliminate the frustration from residents. Souza found Notifii Track package tracking software.

He was able to get his entire team trained and ready to use Notifii Track within 10 minutes and was off and running with an organized, and efficient solution to his package logging and tracking needs.

Souza saw improvements in productivity, saving time and overall customer satisfaction after implementing Notifii Track package tracking software. “Packages are easy to tag, and residents pick them up on time. The students like the notifications and don’t get frustrated visiting the front desk constantly while awaiting a package,” said Souza.

“The data will show a benefit in using a program like Notifii. The cost of the program is well worth the benefit of the system.” Jason Souza
General Manager, Greystar


The University Towers saw huge advancements in their mailroom after eliminating the paper package logs and slips. Souza urged other property and community managers to survey their residents and collect data on the students' needs. “The data will show a benefit in using a program like Notifii. The cost of the program is well worth the benefit of the system,” stated Souza.

The University Towers pride themselves on offering the highest level of community experience for their students, and along with that they needed to offer a package management solution that eliminated stress for both residents and staff. They found that solution in Notifii Track package tracking software.


  • Manual package logging
  • Paper slip notifications
  • Students not checking their mailbox
  • Package pileups
  • Phone calls to the front desk

Key wins

  • Packages are easier to tag
  • Resident pickup time decreased
  • Instant notifications
  • No more phone calls

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