How TechSpace Found Notifii


Late last year, Alexander Roy joined the TechSpace team and was quickly alarmed by how much time was being sunk into simple tasks like package management. While the team had already invested in a cloud-based tool, the learning curve and workflow still forced workers to take minutes to log a package in and out, rather than seconds. “Every second counts when you get 20 boxes in the mailroom,” expressed Roy, elaborating that watching this inefficiency led him to search for a solution online.

Industry: Co-Working Customer since: 2020 Size: 400 Employees Average monthly packages: 200

The Solution

After some online research, Roy came across Notifii Track. Roy stated that he felt impressed by the solution because of its ease of use, “Technology should be intuitive,” he said, stating that what he was looking for was a time saver, which in turn would be a money saver.

“Anyone who values not watching their employees sweat over antiquated software will find this worth it.” Alexander Roy
Community Manager, TechSpace


“It's not a replacement, it's a 180 enhancement,” Roy told our team. After switching from Qtrak, Techspace has been able to easily train their team, save time on logging packages in and out, and receive customer support that they hadn’t received in the past. He noted that it’s great that he can walk through the solution with a staff member and “they just get it”, no extra training needed. “Anyone who values not watching their employees sweat over antiquated software will find this worth it,” Roy said, Notifii trumps all of them”.


  • Tough to train employees on Qtrak
  • Too much time spent per package logged
  • No easy to use platform

Key wins

  • Scanning packages in quickly
  • Instant notifications
  • Parcel photo uploads
  • Faster package deliveries

Notifii Track

Add to your co-working services with Notifii Track. Provide accountability, transparency, and ease to package pick up for your members.

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