Property Management

Success stories from Notifii apartment and multifamily clientele

  • Connect, Property Management
    “More people are shopping online so there are more packages coming in here. And so finding a system to track and monitor and organize our packages was huge. I just never dreamed […]
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  • Tamarack-Properties-Notifii-Connect
    Connect, Property Management
    “With Notifii Connect we can prepare a quick text or even a nice flyer and have it out to the 500+ apartments in minutes. It’s been a game-changer.”
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  • Greystar-package-management
    Connect, Notifii Track, Property Management
    “The data will show a benefit in using a program like Notifii. The cost of the program is well worth the benefit of the system.”
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  • Villa-Del-Mar-Patio-Apartments
    Notifii Track, Property Management
    “We’re more organized with our packages and our residents are happy. It has definitely helped us a lot!”
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