BioLabs has increased accountability and followed social distancing protocol with the help of Notifii Track. 



BioLabs is a national, membership-based network of shared lab and office facilities. They receive perishable and time-sensitive materials which makes package management a crucial process. Lab manager, Jessica Grondin, previously used another package management software provider, but she found the software to be more expensive than it was worthwhile lacking the multiplatform capabilities she was looking for. Grondin noted that some of their biggest disadvantages with their previous software included a lack of consistent compatibility with Android and Apple products as well as an undesirable “package volume” based pricing structure. These struggles proved to be too costly to overlook and led Grondin to look for an alternative solution.

INDUSTRY: Health & Lab


SIZE: 70 Employees


The Solution

Notifii Track stood out in Grondin’s search because of how user-friendly the software is. She was pleasantly surprised at how fast and easy it is to scan packages and capture recipient information. Grondin also noted that because of Notifii Track’s intuitive workflow, she had no problem training her remote staff and was able to implement the software into their business quickly. Some of the staff’s favorite features include Track’s ability to flag packages with specific handling instructions, record custom messages, and attach pictures to the package history. These features help BioLabs staff communicate the specific needs of each package and ensure that fragile, perishable, and time-sensitive items are handled appropriately until they reach the final recipient.

“The biggest standout with Notifii is that we have increased accountability and decreased liability. It saves us the worry about whether or not someone got their package. ”

Jessica Grondin
Lab Manager, BioLabs


BioLabs has logged 1,510 packages since they began their partnership with Notifii and averages approximately 230 packages per month. The implementation of Notifii Track has decreased the amount of time staff spend on packages, improved the level of communication between staff and recipients, and improved the accuracy and accountability within their package log. Grondin expressed that, “the biggest standout with Notifii is that we have increased accountability and decreased liability. It saves us the worry about whether or not someone got their package.” She is grateful to have found a better package management solution during the pandemic primarily because some BioLabs locations began managing COVID-19 testing. The resources associated with those tests are an extremely high priority and it is important to have a clear and concise history outlining each step those items make in the building. Now with Notifii Track, Grondin can review the entire BioLabs package history with date and time stamps, pictures, and absolute clarity right from her phone or tablet. 


  • Difficulty scanning packages
  • Lack of Android/Apple compatibility
  • Overpaying and not seeing desired results

Key wins

  • Ability to send urgent alerts for time sensitive materials
  • Maintaining social distancing protocol
  • Accountability for package locations