Caprock Crossing Apartments

Caprock Crossing needed to attract more new prospective residents and communicate with their current tenants, they utilized Notifii Connect and found immediate success. 



Amy Snidow, the property manager at Caprock Crossing Apartments in Texas felt overwhelmed by the amount of communication she needed to send to prospective residents. She specializes in lease-ups and is in charge of contacting and marketing to new tenants which proved to be time-consuming. With Amy’s need to create a more efficient and effective communication process she turned to Notifii Connect.

INDUSTRY: Apartment Community


SIZE: 250 units


The Solution

Caprock Crossing uses RealPage property management software and was able to seamlessly integrate with the Notifii software for immediate implementation. When the property started using the prospect features on Notifii Connect, they had 325 prospects on their list. The software helped them clean up their list and narrow it down to 115 qualified leads, which allowed the team to focus their time where it really mattered. Amy told us, “I love your product. When I figured out how to use the prospect feature it was an absolute game-changer.” The property is also able to send out reminders about community policies, events, incoming packages, and lost and found items. Since Caprock is in Texas, Notifii kept residents informed on important safety measures during the icepocalypse this past winter. Amy uses the dynamic grouping feature to communicate directly with specific groups. For example, they will send out a message to the first-floor residents to make sure that everyone is following community guidelines. Everyone in the property management office has access to the Notifii Software, but Amy is the main user. She is still able to stay in constant communication using the Notifii app on her smartphone.


“I love your product. When I figured out how to use the prospect feature it was an absolute game-changer.”

Amy Snidow
Property Manager, Caprock Crossing Apartments


Caprock’s communication style has been praised by residents on Google reviews about how well they are able to stay in contact. Amy’s favorite feature is the ability to text prospective residents. She and her team reduced the leads down to true leads and sent out text messages that allowed them to see engagement and know when to follow up. Amy also noted that her customer service experience with Notifii has been “5 stars”. She told us, “I am your biggest fan, I don’t have anything to complain about.”


  • Lack of text ability
  • Needing to keep residents safe during Texas storms
  • Needing to attract new residents

Key wins

  • Great reviews of the property’s communications
  • Specifying qualified leads
  • Increased engagement due to texting ability