Columbia College

The established Columbia College made the switch from an antiquated package tracking software to an intuitive and user-friendly package logging app with Notifii Track!



Columbia College is a well-known and affordable institute in the heart of Missouri with five residence halls on campus. In 2012, after dealing with mishaps and let-downs from the school’s Pitney Bowes package tracking software, Mark Tindell, Director of Mail and Print Services, began a search for a better solution to their package management.

“The department director was anxious to find a replacement for the incumbent system for several reasons,” said Tindell. He listed issues of the confining term length of the lease required for the program, a lack of user friendliness, poor customer service and ultimately, the need for his department to be able to manage the system from more than one computer. Tindell began his search for a better solution to their lackluster package management structure.

INDUSTRY: Higher Education


SIZE: 4,500 Students


The Solution

Tindell found Notifii Track and stated, “We were impressed at the simplicity of getting information about packages and their recipient into the system.” After a shockingly simple setup, Tindell found that Notifii Track package tracking software and logging app was the right fit for the inclusive Columbia College. “We were equally as impressed by the ability to plug in new staff, student and faculty information on the fly and during the time packages are received and logged in,” said Tindell.

Not only was the Notifii Track package logging app intuitive and easy for Tindell to use, he found that the customer service far exceeded that of its predecessor system. “We were impressed by the level of customer service while the system was being installed. No longer did we have to wait in a ‘queue’ for an undetermined amount of time to get an answer to a question or have to wait a period of days before a service technician could arrive. With Notifii, any question emailed was responded to within a few hours,” recalled Tindell.

To take it a step further, Tindell appreciated that his package tracking software was attentive to the specific needs of his school and considered that there might be better ways to service his department. “Notifii paid almost immediate attention to some of our ideas and suggestions. In fact, one of our suggestions was incorporated within a matter of days. This added upload feature went far and above our expectations,” said Tindell.


“We were impressed at the simplicity of getting information about packages and their recipient into the system.”

Mark Tindell
Director of Mail and Print Services, Columbia College



Columbia College now has a package management solution that works using Notifii Track package tracking software. Tindell recalled it being a risk to switch to a lesser known system back in 2012, but that the result made the decision to switch well worth it. “I’m glad we took the risk and I have been pleased with the Notifii Track system,” said Tindell.

Now, years later, Notifii Track is the leading package tracking software for higher education facilities and student housing, all thanks to pilot colleges such as Columbia College!


  • Tough to train employees on Pitney Bowes
  • Too much time spent per package logged
  • No easy to use platform

Key wins

  • Scanning packages in quickly
  • Instant notifications
  • Parcel photo uploads
  • Faster package deliveries