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Gogo Air

Package tracking for this commercial business has gone from manual package logging to expedited package management.



Gogo Air has a rich history in bringing connectivity to commercial fliers and being ground-breakers in the field. It was no wonder that the commercial giant wanted the same connected communication and efficient operations inside its mailroom as well. However, Kristen Keele, Senior Facilities Coordinator for Gogo Commercial Aviation, recalled there was little in the way of a package management system at the start.

“Here in the mailroom we wrote everything by hand, including the long tracking numbers. It took forever,” Keele stated, remembering the tedium involved in logging long tracking numbers for packages over and over inside her department. If she wasn’t dealing with the issue of legibility and clear package logging, Keele was dealing with the burden of time being taken away from her and her team’s responsibilities to deal with incoming package tracking and logging.

INDUSTRY: Multifamily


SIZE: 408 Units


The Solution

Needing a solution to hand-writing package logs, Keele came across Notifii Track. Though price was not a huge factor for Keele’s decision, the benefit of no longer having to hand-write and log packages was an effective time saver that she found significant value in. “It just takes less time than when we had to write everything down,” she stated.

Keele also found value in the user-friendly platform and the simplicity of the Notifii Track package tracking software. She was able to easily train her team and get the program up and running quickly.


“This product is very well done, it also comes at a good price point and is definitely easy to use and customize. ”

Kristin Keele
Facilities Coordinator, Gogo Air



Overall, Keele was very happy that her department made the switch from manual hand-logging packages to an efficient and effective package tracking software system that has saved her team so much time.

“This product is very well done and always improving, it also comes at a good price point and is definitely easy to use and customize,” Keele said, noting that the Gogo Air Commercial Aviation team has enjoyed less stress and more time to get back to the more important aspects of their positions by using Notifii Track package tracking software.


  • Legibility of handwritten logs
  • Package accountability
  • Wasted time

Key wins

  • Detailed package logging
  • Package pictures
  • Quick scanning & logging