Kew Management

Kew Management cleaned up their incoming package mess using Notifii Track. Now their pick-up times are faster than ever. 


Kew Management manages both retail and office space in New York City with 290 businesses. With this high volume of companies within their building, the Kew team is often inundated with packages meant not only for business operations but also personal packages of the tenants in each unit. Before turning to Notifii, the Kew team was struggling with their current package system, which eventually turned into piles of boxes with post-it notes in an empty suite and hours spent on emailing tenants to remind them to come pick their packages up. The lack of efficiency led them to look for a new solution for a package management system. 

INDUSTRY: Commercial Property Management


SIZE: 290 Offices


The Solution

Lisa Austin, Director of Administration, found Notifii in a simple google search and was happy to see that the Track software had everything they were looking for. The location quickly downloaded their contact list from their property management software and was able to start logging packages from the business center immediately. They have found it easy to add and update contacts. Their tenants have the option to subscribe to the Notifii service and be notified of incoming packages while they are in or out of the office. The tenants get automatic reminders and confirmation emails once their packages have been logged out.


“Notifii was easy to implement, the app was easy to add, and all of our contacts were easy to update ”

Lisa Austin
Director of Administration, Kew Management


Lisa told us, “Notifii was easy to implement, the app was easy to add, and all of our contacts were easy to update.” The building has not seen any lost packages since implementing Notifii Track. Because of the automatic reminders, the packages are picked up faster than ever before, and they’ve been able to free up their empty office suite. Just in time, too, as the increase in vaccination accessibility led to a flood of returning tenants and their flood of new packages. Lisa’s favorite feature of the software is the ability to see the package history and download the reports about where the packages come from, what kind of deliveries, and how many each tenant is receiving. The ability to download the history reports to excel is extremely helpful in understanding and organizing Kew Management’s internal package tracking.


  • Previous technology was not efficient
  • Not enough space to keep incoming packages
  • Slow package pick-ups

Key wins

  • Timely package pick-ups
  • Downloadable history reports
  • Clean package room