Northwood Ravin Apartments

The team at Northwood Ravin needed some way to make package logging less time consuming and cumbersome on their team while decreasing package retention. Then they found Notifii Track. 



Problem Jay Rawls, the Senior Director of Operations & Technology at Northwood Ravin was searching for software for his concierge teams to easily log packages in and out as an additional service for Northwood’s residents. While some communities utilized RealPage’s Active Building concierge tool in addition to package lockers, others felt overwhelmed utilizing the RealPage solution by itself. Residents often would come in looking for their packages as soon as they received notifications from their carriers prior to the teams having a chance to log packages in, creating long lines and detracting from the experience the Northwood team wanted to provide their residents.

INDUSTRY: Apartment Community


SIZE: 4,388 Units

AVE. MONTHLY PACKAGES: 800 per property

The Solution

Rawls and team implemented a trial period at multiple properties, allowing the concierge teams to compare their initial set up with Active Building against utilizing Notifii and received very positive feedback. He noted, “One thing I noticed right off the bat, meeting with the onsite concierge team, that they were so much happier using Notifii than the teams using active building”. Some feedback included the ease of navigation, the quick scan tool recognizing carrier consistently, and the overall simple workflow. With this positive feedback the test expanded.


“Our team has less to inventory overnight and can focus more on other things to benefit the residents.”

Jay Rawls
Senior Director of Operations & Technology, Northwood Ravin Apartments


Northwood’s teams saw a tremendous increase in performance. One property went from 3 people processing 150-200 packages in about 90-120 minutes to 2 people finishing the same amount in less than 60 minutes. In addition to this, package retention, or how long packages stayed with the concierge decreased by 50%, from the team retaining about 300 packages per week to 200 per week. The automated notifications also decreased the number of early inquiries for packages when carriers dropped them off. Rawls noted, “Our team has less to inventory over night and can focus more on other things to benefit the residents. Little tiny moments have contributed to making residents lives better.”


  • Long logging times
  • Difficult to Use Software
  • No Notifications

Key wins

  • Ease of Use
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Decreased Package Retention