This corporate office mailroom made the switch from their outdated package logging software to Notifii Track and saved over $35,000!



When Brandon White, Manager of Corporate Facilities and HR Business Support for the PetSmart Home Office stepped into his new position with the company, he knew he had his work cut out for him with the existing package management system. “I was a new manager coming into this role and I found this was definitely a broken area,” White said

Prior to White taking on the manager role, PetSmart’s corporate office had been using a PDA-reliant software to log and track packages that required a 3-year commitment, was antiquated, extremely complicated to use and caused multiple issues with importing recipients. The software was restricted to the required equipment, charged rental fees upwards of $4,000 per device, offered no photo capabilities and a user experience that left White adamantly searching for a new solution.

“I got so frustrated that I literally jumped on Capterra and was looking for a new provider,” White said.White explored several options for his package tracking software, running into dead ends when the software he tested didn’t provide multiple mailroom options, something he and his team needed. White even opted out of using his existing visitor system’s package solution for that very reason.

INDUSTRY: Entertainment


SIZE: 100 Employees


The Solution

White then found Notifii Track package tracking software and package logging app and immediately started his 14-day free trial.

Instantly, White could see a huge improvement in workflow and decided to run a time trial. “I literally opened a Notifii trial account and I got our CVS file of recipients working perfectly, flawlessly in 15 minutes- something that took over 6 hours with our previous software,” White said.

After recording package logging times with both Notifii, and PetSmart’s previous package tracking software, White shortly discovered a massive change in the time it took to log packages. “It was 45 seconds to scan in the package [with our previous package logging software] and that was only if you knew where that person sat, which was usually only about 15% of the time. Then Notifii (without needing to know where a person sat) was only 9 seconds!”

Along with the fast package logging and notifications, White found a wealth of benefits using Notifii Track mailroom management software that spoke to immediate pain points he was encountering, outside of just basic package logging. Due to Notifii Track being a cloud-based package tracking software for desktop as well as iOS and Android devices, White was able to save money by using iPads. He was also able to have his visual directory and package mapping all in one place! “It’s a huge win!” said White.

“Notifii has the ability to upload pictures, provides custom templates and it’s all really, really simple on a web-based platform. We use the Notifii reporting. Before I took over, we didn’t have any analytics on our mailroom. Now we are able to capture every bit of mail that goes through us,” said White.


“I’m a huge fan of Notifii, especially after the experience we’ve had on every front. I love it!”

Brandon White
Manager of Corporate Facilities, PetSmart



In White’s time trial of Notifii Track package logging software versus his previous package logging software, he was able to record just how much time and money Notifii had saved his company.

“In three years, Notifii will have saved PetSmart $31,000+ in simply switching from our previous provider. Based off the time study, in one year, Notifii will save us 139 hours of associate labor that can be used to do other things. The hours equal $4,600+ of associate pay per year. This is on top of the $31,000 savings from us switching from our previous provider,” White explained.

In addition to the immense savings PetSmart received in recaptured associate labor and contract costs, the low cost of the iPads in comparison to the high rental cost of $4,000 per PDA device needed for the previous package tracking software awarded White an additional savings with Notifii Track package logging software. “The Notifii edge is that it operates on iOS,” said White.

Between cost savings to the bottom line, associate labor time savings and opportunity savings, PetSmart found a win in its relationship with Notifii Track. “Notifii made me look good, coming in as a manager. I can tell you that,” said White. “I’m a huge fan of Notifii, especially after the experience we’ve had on every front. I love it!”

Notifii is proud to partner with PetSmart and is thrilled to hear that Notifii Track package tracking software is improving the PetSmart home office package logging and tracking process.


  • Expensive and outdated equipment
  • Difficult recipient upload process
  • No photo capabilities
  • Complicated interface
  • No reporting

Key wins

  • $35,000+ in cost savings
  • Simple setup and recipient upload
  • Multiple mailroom capabilities
  • Reporting for accountability
  • Directory & package management in one place

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