Pinnacle Woods Apartments

Pinnacle Woods has used the multiuser capabilities of Notifii Connect to support consistent communication with residents and boost accountability!



Pinnacle Woods is an apartment complex in a peaceful wooded setting, located in Lawrence, Kansas. With their 208 units, the property aims to provide the best services for their residents. Five years ago, Pinnacle Woods signed up for Notifii Track to log their incoming packages and saw an operational improvement in their mailroom. The success they saw with the product led them to add Notifii Connect at their location as well. They did not previously have a way to communicate via text with all of their residents easily and this was an easy transition for them. With their Real Page property management software, they were able to integrate their tenant’s contact information to Connect almost immediately. 

INDUSTRY: Multi-Family Housing


SIZE: 208 Units


The Solution

Pinnacle Woods has two main users of Notifii Connect; Jason Davis, the property manager, and his assistant. Davis likes to approve every message sent out and can easily do that while using the smartphone app. If he is out of the office his assistant can send and respond to messages within their community. Once a message is sent out, the entire community can access it, so it is important to have accountability. They can respond to residents who reply and can maintain a level of open communication. Davis can always see when responses come and how they were addressed.

“We utilize Notifii because it’s easy to text everyone – just like that. ”

Jason Davis
Property Manager, Pinnacle Woods Apartments



Pinnacle Woods sends out messages regarding necessary maintenance and resident events where they are able to link the flyers that they have created. Before Notifii Connect they were primarily communicated by emails sent out. “We utilize Notifii because it’s easy to text everyone – just like that.” It has helped with telling residents that they need to manage belongings without the need for any sort of confrontation. Davis noted that it’s helpful to be able to go back to the messages that were previously sent out and resend them if they are applicable. The apartment complex has always been good about communication and Notifii Connect helped make the communication remain consistent during the pandemic.


  • Lack of texting abilities
  • Need for accountability
  • Communicating about personal belongings

Key wins

  • Consistent communication with residents
  • Easy integrations with property management software
  • Ability to quickly resend messages

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