Purdue University Northwest

One of the best regional universities in the U.S. solved the “lost” package problem with Notifii Track package tracking software.



Purdue University Northwest is an established school with a good deal of prestige. Having been recognized among the best regional universities in the U.S. News & World Report, the school is a sought-after experience for many young university applicants. That’s why it was so important for the university’s Department of Housing & Residential Education to find a solution to the wasted time and money that was being spent on package logging and management.

Korey West, Associate Director for Housing & Residential Education at Purdue University Northwest, explained that her team dealt with incoming package logging and tracking with an entirely paper system. “It took a lot of time and resources to print out a roster, look up residents, write out package slips and then put them in their mailboxes (that they hardly checked). We had to make sure all our items were stocked and printed, that we had the right colored paper in stock, and our staff had access to our copier code. Our student workers would take at least 4-5 hours a day to do all of the mail and it was even worse during peak times like August, November and January,” explained West.

West knew that something needed to be done about the package management system in the office. The process was taking too long and wasting too much paper. She knew they needed a way for residents to get notified about packages faster while spending less money to do so.

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SIZE: 100 Employees


The Solution

West recalled being hesitant to pay for a system at first, but when her team found Notifii they knew that nothing would work as efficiently.

West found that the setup and training of the Notifii Track package tracking software was easy, and her staff picked it up quickly. She mentions a special benefit in that her team could setup their own accounts and had no issue navigating the app interface.

Suddenly, the Purdue package management system was streamlined. Notifications were sent right away upon package deliveries, decreasing the number of packages staying in the mailroom for lengthy periods of time. “They get picked up a lot faster now!” West said, “The scanner in the app is fast and records everything accurately so all information is stored and can be accessed if there is an issue.”

An additional feature that added huge value to West and her team was the ability to document packages with pictures and other details. She explained, “We can document with pictures any packages that arrive damaged and can show the resident these in their email notification. The pickup time is noted so we can look at our cameras and follow the package’s trail more accurately. The picture option REALLY helps with this.”


“Our practices are more efficient and effective and have improved the student mail experience in our community all because of Notifii.”

Korey West
Associate Director for Housing, Purdue University Northwest



The outcome for the Purdue University Northwest team was an automated mailroom operation that led to less paper waste, less time waste, and much happier residents and staff. “Overall, our practices are more efficient and effective and have improved the student mail experience in our community all because of Notifii,” West said. West explains that Notifii Track package tracking software, “stores so much information and is very helpful in tracking/finding those packages that students say are lost. I can’t express how much time and resources it has saved us! We love it!”

The verdict is in, Notifii Track package tracking software and package logging app has been a success on the Purdue University Northwest campus!


  • Wasted labor hours
  • Wasted paper
  • Printed roster & handwritten slips
  • Package pileups

Key wins

  • Instant, automated notifications
  • Completely paperless operation
  • Parcel picture uploads
  • Improved student experience