After out-growing their software, Skechers made the switch to Notifii Track for their mailroom needs.


Omar Salazar, Office Services Lead at Skechers and his department were at a loss with their original package management system, Smart Track. The software was not syncing correctly, details were missing and in Salazar’s own words, “we basically couldn’t find anything,”. From the office services department’s perspective, the system they were using was obsolete, and he needed to find a solution. Smart Track was taking too much time and it was challenging to keep the mailroom organized. The entire office services department is involved with package management, a reliable system was necessary to keep all members of the team working together efficiently. 



SIZE: 1000 Employees


The Solution

“When we found you guys, everyone agreed that it was easier for logging in and logging out, and a great price,” said Salazar. The Smart Snap OCR feature made information capture accurate, efficient, and easier to search. The reporting feature enables the Office Services team to share the positive results of Track to their superiors and highlight any trends in the mailroom. 

“You can see that it’s worth the price”

Omar Salazar
Office Services Lead, Skechers


The Skechers team were able to optimize their mailroom efficiently with Notifii Track. His team is able to stay in sync, keep accurate records, and log packages in and out fast leveraging the tool. “You can see that its’ worth the price,” noted Salazar. He and his team have been avid and active users of Notifii since 2016.


  • Data syncing issues
  • Details Missing
  • High Cost

Key wins

  • Cloud-based data sharing
  • Accurate, Detailed Logging with Smart Snap OCR
  • Efficient Cost & No Long-Term Contracts