T-Mobile Arena

T-Mobile Arena

Tracking a package in a 20,000-seat, 1.5 acre, state-of-the-art multipurpose event center now takes mere seconds



The T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas strip is home to some of the biggest events in North America. From concerts to bull fighting, the arena has showcased visual and interactive experiences that have mesmerized audiences. It would be safe to assume that the staff inside the offices of the arena are beyond busy and have little time for anything that isn’t getting the “show on the road”. That certainly wouldn’t include dealing with packages.

David Pinello, Manager at the T-Mobile Arena mailroom and loading dock, was dealing with a unique situation that most wouldn’t consider when working at an entertainment arena, and that was incoming packages.”

It was Pinello’s job to deliver personal incoming packages to all the employee recipients, leaving them outside office doors. With the ever-increasing popularity of online shopping and many consumers having personal purchases shipped to their place of work to avoid theft, Pinello was dealing with a surge of personal deliveries he had not anticipated.

INDUSTRY: Entertainment


SIZE: 100 Employees


The Solution

The need to get things done quickly is a pressing issue for anyone working in a building like the giant T-Mobile Arena. Pinello knew there had to be a better way to deal with incoming packages. It was then that he implemented Notifii Track package tracking software.

Right away he found that by using the package logging app he was able to scan packages in quicker and easier. He could alert recipients instantly and send pictures to eliminate liability.

“By using Notifii I can now scan the tracking number and take pictures to send to the recipient and by doing this it speeds up the delivery,” noted Pinello. He also recalled the ease at which he was able to train his team members, naming that it was so simple and user-friendly that the team members were able to teach and learn from one another quickly and without issue.


“By using Notifii I can now scan the tracking number and take pictures to send to the recipient and by doing this it speeds up the delivery.”

David Pinello
Mailroom Manager, T-Mobile Arena



Pinello found so much value in automating his package delivery that he now recommends Notifii Track package tracking software to all businesses, whether small apartment complexes or large arenas. “I would highly recommend using Notifii Track! It is a very good tracking system and you always keep track of all your packages,” said Pinello.

Notifii is thrilled to hear that Notifii Track package tracking software was such a huge success at the renowned T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas strip!


  • No notification system
  • Packages left at office doors
  • No package tagging

Key wins

  • Scanning packages in quickly
  • Instant notifications
  • Parcel photo uploads
  • Faster package deliveries