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A WillMax Capital property solved a package pileup problem with Notifii Track package management software.



Villa Del Mar in Arlington, Texas had a serious package problem. The 408-unit property was seeing on average anywhere from 200-600 packages per month and for a medium-sized property, that meant the packages were overrunning their leasing office.

“Before Notifii, we didn’t actually have a package management process. We did accept packages in the office, but we didn’t have time to sit down and send out emails. We accepted the package, stuck it in our package closet and waited for the resident to call and see if it had arrived,” said Jennifer Reyes, Property Manager at Villa Del Mar. “The phone would ring all day long. People would want to know if their package was here yet. We would have to put them on hold, stop what we were doing, go to the closet and go through every package to see if the package was there or not. Then come back to the phone and potentially fight with them on whether the package was delivered. There was no time-stamp or way to tell.”

Like many apartment properties, Villa Del Mar was dealing with a manual package logging process that was hardly a process at all. The need for a faster way was very evident to both the staff and residents.

INDUSTRY: Multifamily


SIZE: 408 units


The Solution

The solution for Reyes and her team was Notifii Track. The package tracking software was quick to implement, required very little setup or training and had the Villa Del Mar team logging in packages quickly and sending instant notifications in no time. Suddenly residents were no longer calling in constantly looking for their packages. The instant texts and emails immediately notified residents of package deliveries, saving Reyes and her team time and ridding them of the unnecessary tension caused by lost package mishaps.

“Definitely time saving! There aren’t as many calls because the residents are being notified. They’re getting a text message or an email and they’re very happy with that. They stop in the office at their convenience, and we go straight to the closet and pick it up for them. They sign it out, so its time-stamped with the time it got here and the time it was checked out. They’re very happy with the communication. It’s a very organized process and it has decreased the tension between the staff and the residents,” said Reyes.

Reyes found Notifii Track to be extremely easy to use and implement, noting that it took little to no time to train her staff on using the package tracking software. She was extremely pleased to learn that the package logging app integrated with her current property management software, making the setup even easier. Reyes was able to use Notifii Track with an iPad, which made the package tracking software user-friendly for her entire staff. “We can be busy in the office and my maintenance team can figure out how to log packages in and I haven’t trained them on it. It’s that simple. They pick the iPad up and see that someone has entered in a package and are able to help. The training takes a matter of minutes, everyone knows how to use it. It’s very user-friendly,” Reyes explained.


“We’re more organized with our packages and our residents are happy. It has definitely helped us a lot!” 

Jennifer Reyes
Property Manager, Willmax Capital



The results of implementing Notifii Track package logging software have been impactful to say the least for WillMax’s Villa Del Mar property. “We love it. I would say that it has helped us in several different ways. We call it an amenity,” said Reyes, recalling the amount of staff time that was spent on package management prior to starting with Notifii Track. “We would hate getting packages in the office and didn’t want to deal with another package phone call.”

Reyes was extremely pleased with the results of making the switch from manual package logging to Notifii Track package tracking software. She said in her final thoughts: “We don’t mind package logging at all now! It’s fun to check packages in and out! When the people come and get their packages it’s a good time to form rapport with the residents, to see how they’re doing, and talk to them for a few minutes about things going on in the community. We’re more organized with our packages and our residents are happy. It has definitely helped us a lot!”


  • Phone calls for packages all day long
  • No notifications at all
  • No time-stamping or accountability
  • Resident tension
  • Lost packages

Key wins

  • Instant notifications
  • Time-stamping & logging details
  • Increased resident satisfaction
  • No more phone calls

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