Community Engagement During COVID-19: 10 Ways to Keep Your Residents Safe & at Ease

Apartment communities are a people-driven business, which makes it challenging to cut off face-to-face communication. Unable to connect with their residents the same way, residential properties are getting creative with community engagement to keep residents safe, at ease, and engaged with their property managers. Here are some creative ways you can keep in touch with your residents during COVID-19.

Use the power of social media to do a weekly check-in.

Platforms like Instagram or Facebook let you go live – so your residents get that face-to-face feel from the comfort of their own home! Keep everyone updated on current events and share some personal experiences to establish trust and continue relationship building.

Book club and chill – online neighborhood book club

Platforms like Zoom enable you to host a web conference with your residents and encourage engagement not only with the management team, but neighbors too!

Treat Netflix and Disney + like an amenity

Help treat the restlessness of staying at home with a subscription to TV streaming! An awesome way to show you understand the frustrations of staying at home. Add a personal touch with some movie recommendations to bring your team closer to your residents.

Host a gaming tournament

Bring the neighborhood to an online arcade! Competition breeds camaraderie. Keep your residents engaged and communicating with a low-cost, quick set up community event.

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Replace the gym with an app

Engage your fitness-friendly residents with a subscription to at-home work-out apps like Peloton or Beachbody. Consider gifting the apps to your team as a showcase that you care about their health and wellness!

Send out Daily Trivia to Residents

Trivia can kill time in a fun and innovative way. Texting tools like Notifii Connect can help you get this up and running quickly. The best part? Residents can reply and you get metrics about who did.

Share online learning websites designed for kids

Help the parents of your community keep their children engaged in an educational way! Scholastic Magazine and Age of Learning are great resources for parents getting used to a brand new daily dynamic.

Set up an easy remote communication tool – like text messaging!

Connect with your residents in a friendly, engaging way!

Need help setting up a remote communication strategy?

Notifii is proud to be assisting property managers by offering free trials of our communication platform – Notifii Connect! Bridget the gap in communication for no cost to your team.