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Notifii Connect provides a powerful centralized communications hub for automated mass SMS text messaging and email to deliver community-wide messages.

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One number, multiple devices

Notifii Connect offers desktop and app options, giving you the power to conveniently compose and send and answer group text blasts and community messages virtually anywhere.

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Dynamic grouping

Get your message to the right people

You have the option to send messages to an individual, customized group or community-wide level. This means whether you’re in dialog with one resident — new or current — or your entire community, you’re good to go.

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Searchable history and reports

See the who, what, and when messages were sent all in one place with additional analytics to help you measure effectiveness. Search through old messages and export them to share with your team.

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Number of units Pricing per month
Up to 200 $99
Up to 300 $149
Up to 400 $199
Up to 500 $249
Up to 600 $299
601+ Contact us
Number of Students/Staff Pricing per month
Up to 1,000 $149
Up to 2,000 $299
Up to 3,000 $449
Up to 4,000 $599
Up to 5,000 $749
5,001+ Contact us
Number of Beds Pricing per month
Up to 400 $99
Up to 600 $149
Up to 800 $199
Up to 1,000 $249
Up to 1,200 $299
1201+ Contact us

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