Communication with your students through text messaging and email has never been this easy

Notifii Connect provides a powerful centralized communications hub for automated mass SMS text messaging and email to deliver community-wide messages for on-campus university housing. Managers can now communicate efficiently with specific individuals, groups, or to the entire student community via push notification, email, and/or text. We also offer an optional branded community app that gives students the ability to view messages from housing staff, view and RSVP for upcoming events, view messages related to packages and post/view messages from the entire student community.

Watch this video and see how Connect is transforming student communications

Key benefits

Stay connected with students
The ability to send automated bulk text messages or custom emails to individuals or groups promotes better communication between onsite staff and students.
Texting feature
Texting is the number one form of communication and the best way to ensure your message will be seen. Notifii Connect gives you the ability to send automated text messages to your students individually, in groups or community-wide.
Notifii Connect offers flexible payment options that allows you to pay for the messages you need and does not require any long-term contracts.
Opt-in and opt-out control
The ability to easily opt in or out of receiving messages ensures that your property respects the needs of your students.
Ensure deliverability
Text messaging and email are the two most secure forms of communication that allow you to know with certainty that students are getting your messages.
Time saver for staff
No more hanging flyers or putting slips in mailboxes. With Notifii Connect you will free up your team to focus on operations.

Notifii Connect harnesses the power of messaging to easily send out important communications (individually or to groups) and see analytics about who has received and opened those messages.

Key features

Send anytime & anywhere

Notifii Connect offers desktop and app options, giving you the power to conveniently compose and send group text blasts and community messages virtually anywhere and at any time you need—in the office, on-the-go and everywhere in between.

One and all. Big and small.

With automated text messaging and email you have the option to send messages to current students, future residents, or new prospects at an individual, customized group or community-wide level. This means whether you’re in dialog with one student—new or current—or your entire community, you’re good to go.

Send when it matters

With Notifii Connect you have the power of an automated text and email program that allows you to schedule text messages and emails to be sent on a specific day and time. You can also have messages sent based upon calendar-dependent or student-dependent triggers such as move-in and move-out dates, holidays, etc.

Notifii Connect Educational Pricing

For pricing on larger university sizes or portfolio discounts, please contact us.

Number of Students and Staff
1-1000 $149 / mo
1,001-2,000 $299 / mo
2,001-3,000 $449 / mo
3,001-4,000 $599 / mo
4,001-5,000 $749 / mo