Contactless Package Logging

In order to ensure the safety and health of your residents and employees, it is imperative to implement as many contactless procedures as possible. In addition to remote leasing and rent payments, minimizing the time spent in your common areas is an absolute must. 

An easy way to do this is to make package logging entirely contactless. When receiving packages, do what you can to ensure you’re not handling the packages directly and capturing the information needed in a way where you don’t need to hold, move, or clean the package.

Set Up a Package Drop Off Area

Section off an area of your lobby or mailroom dedicated for carriers to drop off packages and provide them some instructions on a sign. Ask for the carrier to keep all labels facing out so you can quickly see the tracking numbers and recipient names without needing to rummage through a pile of packages – taking your process contactless.

Snap to Capture

Using an OCR Tool, or simply taking a photograph, to log photos is a great way to get all the necessary information such as tracking number, carrier, recipient and unit number. An OCR tool is an optical character recognition tool. It works by recognizing the letters and numbers on the package label and transcribing them for you, directly into your record. In other words, it’s a perfect contactless procedure.

If you don’t have an OCR Tool, a photo provides enough reference for you to take the information you gathered and enter it into your log.

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Save Your Photos to Your Log

Keeping the photos taken to log packages in with the same record you use to manage packages helps keep your team accountable, and shortens the time spent trying to locate a package after its been logged in. Is it big? Small? From USPS or Amazon? The photo tells all.

Keep Things Moving and Safe with Notifii Track

Notifii Track will reduce the time it takes to log packages and notify recipients from minutes down to seconds. Our web based package tracking software makes it easy for anyone on your staff to manage all aspects of package tracking from arrival to pick-up, recipient  notifications, and everything in between. Best part? No long term contracts. Pay for as long as you need the service.