Social Distanced Package Pick Up

Your lobby is a hot zone for potential COVID-19 transmission. Your offices are reopening – whether they be in a large corporate facility or a neighborhood leasing office, the pressure is on to achieve all that you used to without putting anyone at risk.

Now it’s time to “sanitize” your workflow – make sure that you can keep residents and employees safe no matter what they hope to achieve. We’re launching a series called “Contactless” dedicated to small changes your property management office can make to protect residents and still keep the needle moving on operations.

First up, Package Pick Up.

No More Signatures

While traditionally a signature is a great way to verify a package has been picked up and who it was picked up by – allowing people to either use their fingers or a pen to sign your log or cloud based app can lead to unwanted germ sharing that you absolutely want to AVOID!

Utilize a photo tool within your package management system to log packages out. Take a picture of the ID/keycard of the individual who comes to pick up a package in place of the signature. This makes your log out procedure entirely touchless.

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Stagger Arrival Notifications

By sending out arrival notifications at staggered intervals, you are controlling the number of folks who come to pick up a package at any given time.

+Bonus Points if you specify their pick up times, set them 2 hours apart from one another. The more specific you are, the less crowded your lobby or mailroom will get.

Switch to a Cloud-Based Package Log to Streamline Your Process

Notifii Track will reduce the time it takes to log packages and notify employees from minutes down to seconds. Our web-based package tracking software makes it easy for anyone on your staff to manage all aspects of package tracking from arrival to pick-up, recipient notifications, and everything in between. Best part? No long term contracts. Pay for as long as you need the service.