Notifii Reviews and Case Studies

What our customers are saying

  • Krista W.
    RAM Partners logo "Our team and our residents love Notifii. It is a wonderful virtual amenity that our residents highly appreciate. Packages will always be a large part of our day in the leasing office, but Notifii Track is the perfect tool to streamline the logging process and opens a new line of communication with our residents!"
    Krista W.
    Community Manager
  • Kate C.
    “Fantastic product! This software is very easy to use and set up was simple. We have used Notifii for a few years and I would highly recommend it to other businesses!”
    Kate C.
    Community Manager - EdR Collegiate Housing
  • Alyssa N.
    GrayCo Properties“Notifii exceeded our expectations and has become one of our most used amenities.”
    Alyssa N.
    Regional Manager — GrayCo Properties
  • Julio V.
    Sketchers“The Notifii system has helped our day to day operations with ease and efficiency. Notifii has every key feature that our fast paced company needs.”
    Julio V.
    Sr. Office Services Coordinator — Skechers
  • Brian E.
    Cortland Partners“Everyone at Cortland absolutely loves Notifii - from our residents to our community teams to our senior executives.”
    Brian E.
    Vice President, Marketing Technology — Cortland
  • Howie G.
    “Notifii has allowed us to effectively manage the intake and distribution of the nearly 200,000 packages our residents receive annually in 15 locations.”
    Howie G.
    Director, Housing Services — New York University
  • David P.
    T-Mobile Arena logo "The system is very easy to operate and keeps records of all your scans. When someone tells me they did not receive their package, I am able to show them that they did and that it was scanned and signed for."
    David P.
    Mailroom Manager