Quick Tips To Improve The Workplace

What do your employees really want from their workspace?

We’re living in a time where Casual Fridays have transformed into office kegs, yoga rooms, and bean bag chairs. And while these features may be fun and exciting for some workers, they don’t always address the underlying needs and expectations that will make your workers happier, more productive, and more likely to stick around.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars transforming your office into a Google-like playground. Instead, try these six easy tips to improve the workplace that will have a positive lasting impact on your employees:

Create Ergonomic Workstations

Experts say that sitting is the new smoking – it’s not great for our physical health. Our bodies are made for movement, and as we’re becoming increasingly chained to our electronic devices at work, it’s important that we find ways to adjust our workstyle.

Standing desks (or adjustable desks), ergonomic chairs, wrist supports for keyboards, and adjustable height monitors can significantly improve the comfort level of your workers. They can choose whether to sit or stand to do their best work or avoid straining their neck or eyes when using a monitor that isn’t at the right height. These differences may seem small, but they can cut down on workplace injury and discomfort while allowing workers to stay productive.

Add Some Color

Studies like this one from Sage indicate that color can impact our mood and motivation. Color theorists have found that red can increase your heart rate and make you feel more aggressive, while greens and blues promote a calming environment.

If your walls are bare or boring white, consider adding some color to your space. If painting isn’t an option, consider adding pops of color through wall art, plants, sculpture, or other decor that can create a vibe that’s prime for productivity.

Or, if you want to boost employee engagement at the same time, consider asking your workers to contribute to the office with their own artwork. Let them create something wall-worthy that can make the space feel more personalized and vibrant.

Go Minimalist

Clutter can create feelings of chaos and lack of control, so consider doing a purge of everything in your office that doesn’t belong. Get rid of excess knick knacks, broken electronics, useless filing cabinets, and anything else that doesn’t currently provide function.

You can also require employees to do their own de-cluttering of their desk to create a cleaner, more productive workstation. This can reduce the number of items competing for employee attention throughout the workday while bringing a sense of organization and calmness to the space.

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Include Variety

Aside from the typical desk and chair set up, do you have other spaces throughout your office where people can work? Adding a variety of seating and tables, such as couches, shared tables, and even outdoor spaces can give workers a chance to choose how they work best. Maybe some of your employees are fine sitting on an office bean bag chair, while others prefer that weird hanging pod-like seat that’s built more like a cocoon than an office chair.

Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Build a Community

One of the biggest priorities for companies to improve the work experience is simply by building greater levels of engagement. Every worker should feel like they belong to the community, and when they do, they’ll be more likely to contribute to its causes.

This is an essential step in allowing diversity to thrive. People are less likely to hold back ideas and beliefs if they feel like they’re part of an accepting community. Consider hosting internal networking events, corporate outings, or other activities that can spur camaraderie and let workers get to know each other.

Accept & Track Employee Packages

Though a little tongue in cheek, we couldn’t not mention the value of implementing office package tracking software like Notifii Track in your corporate mailroom. Online shopping is growing leaps and bounds, and your employees are likely a part of it. But if they aren’t home to receive their precious parcels, their items could be vulnerable to theft, loss, or damage.

Many companies are offering package acceptance and tracking as an office perk that can give them peace of mind. Employees can ship personal items to the office and not have to worry about items going missing from their front porch.

See Notifii in action today by scheduling a free demo, or head back to the Notifii blog for more top office insights.