Evolve Past Apartment Flyers

While it’s healthy to stand up and get your steps in for the day, walking around your community and posting flyers all day isn’t the best use of your property management team’s time or resources. If you’re still using paper flyers to communicate with your residents, here are a few reasons to move forward with the times and implement a digital communications solution.

Flyers Are One-Sided

Information regarding maintenance, apartment access, or anything that imposes on your residents’ day to day life should be addressed in a clear 2-way conversation. If you’re posting flyers on your resident’s door regarding plans for maintenance and your resident has a question, you better have clear directions in the text regarding who to contact. Inconveniencing your resident without clear and available communication is a fast and sure way to decrease resident rapport and inevitably decrease your lease renewals. 

Flyers Are a Waste of Time and Resources

Between designing, printing, and delivering each flyer door to door, you’re easily looking at several hours spent by your property management team to send a single message to your residents. This is valuable time that could be better used to lease more apartment units and improve your quality of service to existing residents. Utilizing a texting and email platform like Notifii Connect will cut down the time spent on communication from hours to minutes as well as improve information engagement. Not only will this affect your bottom line by improving sales and retention, it will also improve your employees’ overall work experience. 

Flyers Don’t Always Get Delivered

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Whether it be from a gust of wind or from a mischievous kid taking notes off of doors, those paper flyers can quickly be removed from their placement and end up floating around as trash in your community. Not only is this a bad look for your community, but also means your resident likely won’t be informed of your message. Did you know 95% of texts from businesses are read within 3 minutes of being sent (Forbes)?  

Get Fast Feedback

Whether you’re sending out maintenance notices, referral promotions, or community updates, receiving fast and relevant feedback from your residents can help you improve their living experience and monetize their voice. Finding happy residents to advocate for your community can lead to more positive reviews and referrals. 

Improve Your Resident Communications with Notifii Connect 

  • Improve resident communication and ensure deliverability with 1:1 text messaging
  • Deliver relevant and precise information to your residents by messaging the whole community, small groups, or particular individuals
  • Automate routine messages to cut down time spent on communications
  • Ensure deliverability by sending texts over flyers
  • Review analytics to see which residents are engaging with your messages

Utilizing a communication platform like Notifii Connect will save your team time, resources, and improve the quality of service your residents receive. Click the button below to learn more about how Notifii Connect can improve your community’s communications and resident experience.