Facilities Management: Preparing to Return to Your Office After Stay-At-Home

Managing efficiencies in your facility is already difficult from day to day, but since global and national office closures have left your facility empty – gaining actionable insight to facility management is near impossible.

How do you manage upkeep? Package management? Employee communications? No matter your role in your office, your workflow has been severely impacted by the pandemic.

On average 50% of office space is underutilized – more so in organizations that promote remote work. Now that all the space is empty it poses a unique opportunity.

Now that the majority of businesses are operating from home, organizations have set new metrics and tracking tools to measure progress, inefficiencies and tracking. But that leaves us with a whole lot more empty office space.

According to the Deloitte Insights 2020 commercial real estate outlook , only 30% of organizations are capturing data and actually generating insights for decision making.

That means billions of dollars a year in wasted space. Why not rethink your facility’s workflow? Take a serious look at some tools that provide insight to processes that take up space – package management, communications platforms, and visual displays that assist in moving your workforce from point A to point B with purpose.

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Tools You Can Use

Consider implementing a few of these tools into your office ecosystem to gain actionable insight once we return to the office.

  • Guest Management – keep track of who comes in and out of the office, how long they stay, and if they frequent. This will help you ID any guests that may be entering frequently and could be given access passes.
  • Package Management – stop using up your front desk with employee shipments! Tools like Notifii Track can help you figure out who your package pick up delinquents are to ensure you are not held accountable for keeping employee goods safe.
  • Room Scheduling Displays – avoid cutting off meetings by need to relocate. Put up displays for each room that list when the next scheduled meeting is set for.

Notifii Track Package Management

We understand these times are challenging for all of us and want to lend a hand in vetting out some tools that may work for you. We are offering a 14 day free trial of our package management system – so you can get an understanding of how it works!