Find Hidden Savings In Your Facility

We’ve organized what areas to search for cost savings and how to leverage them.

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The way the world works has undergone a massive shift.

With the popularity of hybrid workplaces, remote teams, and office structures, facility managers are attempting to find new cost efficiencies to help boost ROI for this new type of work.

Your Front Desk

Improve Your Space Utilization

According to SpaceIQ, of the $1.2 trillion a year in real estate costs face each year, 35% of that is wasted due to poor space utilization and real estate use forecasting.

Lights & HVAC

Embrace IoT Solutions

Reducing your building’s energy consumption is a great place to start with facility management cost savings. Utilizing Internet of Things, Smart devices, can help you minimize costs and decrease your carbon footprint by helping you understand your most significant usage factors.

Stock Rooms

Time and Purchasing Efficiency

Asset management, particularly supplies management, can be incredibly time-consuming, and if not automated, inaccurate. With the sheer volume of tasks that FMs must oversee to maintain the smooth running of an organisation, manually tracking supplies is simply unfeasible.

Your Package Room

Space and Time Savings

Mailrooms in every industry are coping with change that fairly could be called revolutionary. Snail mail has been displaced by electronic messages. However, the mailroom management challenge has not lessened but increased exponentially.

Janitorial Services

Space and Time Savings

Professional janitorial services ensure long-term savings by avoiding costly mistakes by overwhelmed internal teams. This also allows for better customer satisfaction. The most common complaints from tenants stem from maintenance and janitorial services. An external team ensures that you can address these issues right away, efficiently, and professionally.