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Five signs you need a better package management system


Five signs you need a better package management system

O nline shopping is now one of the most popular activities worldwide with global e-retail sales reaching $2.3 trillion USD in 2017—Amazon recently announced that they shipped over 5 billion packages through Prime in 2017! (Source: Statista) In fact, a typical apartment community now receives over 100 packages per week with the number doubling during the holidays.

As these numbers continue to grow, the days of clipboards and binders being used to log and manage packages, are done. These old methods for logging packages, notifying residents and even worse, finding the space to store a backlog of boxes, are no longer logistically viable.

The bottom line is that property managers are now faced with a “change or suffer” reality that they must face proactively. Here are five signs it’s time for you to invest in a package management system—and what each one means for property managers.

  1. Packages are piling up to the ceiling because residents don't pick up their packages promptly or residents don't know to pick up their packages at all.
What it means for property managers: The growth of online shopping is a certainty, which means that even if packages are only beginning to pile up, things are soon to be unmanageable. And, if you don’t have a way to proactively notify your residents that their packages are waiting, that pile will go from reasonable to unacceptable in a matter of days. Modern package management solutions are able to alleviate the buildup and backlog by notifying residents in real-time of their packages’ arrival via text or email. This immediate notification expedites the pick-up process, often times in the same day, which in-turn eliminates the pile-up problem.
  1. It takes too much time to log the packages with your current system. You have staff who seem to do nothing but deal with packages all day, every day.
What it means for property managers: Your staff’s time should be put towards managing and growing the business, not tedious time-consuming tasks that can eat up huge chunks of their workday. Thousands of hours are lost to logging in and logging out packages, searching for lost or misplaced packages, fielding calls of residents asking, “Have you received my package in the office yet?”, or trying to decipher illegible entries and figure out missing or incorrect details. All those errors and time wasted equals negatives for your bottom line. Upgrading to a digital package management system allows your staff to log packages in and out in mere seconds and automates the manual, error-ridden and time-consuming process of managing package details and notifying residents. What would your staff be able to do with those thousand hours back?
  1. You know you need a better way to manage packages but have been afraid of the price tag.
What it means for property managers: When package management solutions first arrived, many locker-based systems touted price tags of $14,000 or more and also required property managers to find large unused spaces for the lockers to be installed. And, during busy times like the holidays, the lockers ran the risk of filling to capacity, especially if residents don’t pick up packages on time, which required staff to once again handle excess packages. And since not all locker systems accept oversized packages either, this placed package liability back in the property manager’s pocket. However, now with the evolution of cloud-based package management software bundled with a tablet or smartphone—property managers can now affordably implement an automated and extremely efficient package management service for their residents without the clunky installation and logistics of lockers or the painful sticker price.
  1. You’ve come close to a package liability issue or have already paid the price once.
What it means for property managers: What if an illegible or incorrect entry means that you don’t have the proof that a package was picked up? Or, what if you simply can’t find a package that is said to have been delivered? These days, even delays in residents picking up their packages (forcing huge pile ups of boxes) adds more problems into the mix related to theft and damage. Each of these scenarios all adds to a growing liability threat for property managers. Package management software is able to accurately capture all the necessary tracking and package login/logout data needed to lower liability risk along with functions that allows staff to document and photograph the package’s condition along with any other necessary notes. Real time notifications alert residents the minute a package is logged, expediting the pick-up process and minimizing the time any package is held with your staff (keeping liability to an absolute minimum.)
  1. You're supposed to be a "modern and luxurious" property with lots of amenities, but you don’t have an ability to service this resident demand. (And, it IS a demand.)

What it means for property managers: The prevailing industry view of package management has shifted from what used to be considered a courtesy to a competitive necessity. In a recent study, almost HALF of surveyed residents now receive at least 3 packages per month and almost 60% are interested or highly interested in some form of package management to be provided by their property managers. With that kind of demand, package management software has now become an important and now expected amenity that provides a HUGE level of positive perception and additional value to your residents.

If any of the signs above are hitting close to home, then like most property managers, it’s time to start doing your homework and pricing out your options. Package management software becomes one of those things that once in place, you wonder how your staff ever operated without it.

At Notifii, we believe that package management shouldn’t be cumbersome and difficult. Nor should be finding an honest resource who can walk you through any questions or concerns you might have. We strive to make package management seamlessly integrated, real-time, and as easy as it’s ever been.

If you’d like to learn more about package management or our solution—Notifii Track—visit us at or give us a call at (888) 506-8536 and one of our experts will be happy to answer any questions.