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Four reasons why property managers must embrace text and email


Four reasons why property managers must embrace text and email

W ith 88 percent of residents preferring to communicate via email and 90 percent of text messages being read within 3 minutes of delivery, property managers can no longer ignore the fact that these are now mainstream expectation on how a resident prefers to communicate. It makes sense. Texting friends and family is second-nature, it’s only natural that they now prefer to communicate with their property managers in the same immediate and convenient channel.

Still not convinced? Here are four reasons you should seriously consider embracing text and email as a day-to-day way to communicate with your residents:

Reason 1: Bye-bye Baby Boomers, hello Millennials
We’re all witnessing a paradigm shift away from baby boomers and over to the future of business growth in millennials, specifically in the housing category. According to Pew Research, millennials have surpassed baby boomers as the largest living generation and are driving up the rental market every month. To meet this shift, property managers need to embrace the communication channels that this new generation has grown up with. And more important, they must provide experiences that allow everything to be resolved on a smartphone without them having to pick up and call.

Reason 2: Faster, faster, faster
Millennials demand response and immediacy. The faster you respond to a prospect or resident in this generation, the more likely you are to establish trust and rapport with them. Phone calls are pretty much ignored by millennials, yet texts are read within three minutes of receipt and emails are often returned under half a day.

Reason 3: Do more in less time
If you’re holding out because you’re not yet seeing the generation shift, consider the business and productivity side of things. When property managers can perform almost all aspects of business from anywhere, they can serve residents better, get new leases signed faster, and maintain constant contact with the community. This efficiency inevitably leads to increased margins and higher productivity.

Reason 4: Add a new dimension to prospecting
With the use of text and email built into the prospecting process, property managers can increase their ability to close more leases. Property managers can set appointments to show units, keep notes on specific prospects, answer questions immediately after a property tour, and offer an easy way to manage inbound leads. If that isn’t compelling enough, consider that prospects now expect property managers to be responsive and connected—available to answer questions in real-time.

Clearly, the manner in which people communicate with friends and family is becoming a large part of how they prefer to engage with businesses. However, while 9 out of 10 consumers want to use these forms of messaging to communicate, can you believe that less than half of businesses have the infrastructure in place to fulfill this customer demand?

It’s time to embrace the new demand and seek a platform that allows you to manage all aspects of text and email messaging. Obviously, selecting the RIGHT platform comes with a lot of questions so if you’d like expert-level answers, feel free to contact us and we can walk you through it all. Visit us at or give us a call at (888) 506-8536 and one of our experts will be happy to get the conversation started.