How Brand Consistency Can Increase Resident Retention

Hey property managers—branding isn’t just for Apple and Google

Most companies think branding is for giants like Apple and Google. After all, these tech monsters yield a combined $270 billion in value from their efforts. All the result of a well-coordinated branding effort that includes frequently focused messaging and a consistent visual presence at every touch point.

However, just because you’re a much smaller property management company, don’t think for a moment that branding isn’t just as important for you.

Branding maintains consistency with messaging, emails, and other regularly used outreach tools that over time leaves with the consumer a lasting impression of the quality of your company. Done properly, branding can also influence the reactions and thoughts prospective residents, partners and first-timers have when they interact with your property.

A potential resident is evaluating whether or not they want to live at your property (or continue living at your property.) If they walk away feeling like your company is “cheap”, lackluster and disorganized, they’re going to pass you over and set their sights on somewhere else. Resident communities have become a world full of choices—it’s a fact. And, properties are a dime a dozen in the mind of the resident, so it’s your job to present yourself to them in a way that lives up to a quality standard that says you are unique and worthy of their trust.

90% of consumers expect that their experience with a company will be similar across all platforms and devices. (Source: Crowdspring 2017). This means that they are expecting a seamless, consistent experience with every message they get from you­—including color, flow, and overall quality.

Branding can get complex, for sure—especially for a small property manager with limited resources. However, this doesn’t mean you should abandon ship. There are some places for quick branding wins that are easy to implement.

Consistency is a great example. Consistent presentation of a brand increases revenue by 23% on average. (Source: 2017 Brand Consistency Impact Study) By presenting yourself consistently, over time, consumers will internalize a “quality level” with your property and come to expect that from both you and your competitors.

With that in mind, where are the simplest opportunities to ensure consistent and high-quality messaging to all of your current and prospective residents?

You have your communication points and you have your standardized brand. Marry the two and create consistent identity pieces. With email messaging for example, both to prospective or current residents, make sure all of them are consistent with one another and look like they’re cut from the same cloth. When done properly, these assets should be able to stand entirely on their own yet still relate to one another on a visual and written level.

Create A Brand Identity For Your Property At Notifii

At Notifii, within all of our notification-based solutionsTrack Package Management and Connect Communications Platform—we include a full customization and template creation features that allow you to build, create and save templates that can be conveniently reused for different types of messages and special occasions. Your brand stays consistent with any message you deploy—from package notifications to resident communications.

If you’d like to learn more about our templating features or our community messaging platform—Notifii Connect—or package management software—Notifii Track—give us a call at (888) 506-8536 and one of our experts will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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