How One of the Top Ranked Universities Streamlined Mailroom Operations in Just One Day

Case Study Summary:

Discover how the University of Southern California traded their manual mailroom system in favor of modern, automated software to provide a better, faster experience for students and staff.

Though often ranked first in education, University of Southern California’s manual mailroom system was anything but. With a rise in online shopping and convenience services like Amazon Student Prime, students are ordering everything from dorm room goods to textbooks to furniture and more and having it shipped directly to school.

Like most campuses, USC struggled with inbound package delivery management and keeping the barrage of incoming deliveries under control.

As one of the world’s leading private research universities, USC needed to get ahead of the problem to ensure the best experience for their students and staff. They wanted to be rid of their antiquated, manual system that was unreliable and time-consuming, and found an easy way to streamline their package logging and management process with Notifii.

Notifii Track’s package delivery system was implemented in all 10 of the USC housing customer service centers, and was up and running full force within a day. University housing personnel installed the software and necessary scanners and label printers with no additional help needed from IT.

“The Notifii Track system was extremely easy for our student workers and staff to learn,” mentions Leo Boese, Special Project Manager at USC. “It’s very efficient and students love it. FedEx, UPS, and our logistic center delivery personnel love it, too.”

Life After Notifii Track

The system enabled the university to automate the package delivery process while also prioritizing accountability and reliability — two key characteristics their old manual system was lacking. Every package was logged in seconds and notifications were distributed to students immediately.

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The Notifii Track inbound package logging software has also reduced the amount of space needed to store packages by more than 85 percent.

“The system combines ease-of-use and maximum efficiency while still providing our customer service centers with the flexibility needed to meet the needs of individual students and each specific service center. Our students and staff mastered the system in a very short time period to maximize our immediate benefits.”

A Leader in Education – and Mailroom Technology

Since installing Notifi Track package logging software, USC has logged over 35,000 packages. Approximately 70% of these packages were picked up the same day they were logged in. Over 85% were picked up within 3 days of being logged in, meaning most packages aren’t lingering any longer than necessary. This is not only a major win for students, but also for mailrooms who are tight on space.

“The ease and speed that packages are both logged in and delivered to the resident is phenomenal,” states Boese. “USC housing can now boast a unique service that offers unparalleled performance to our residents.”

For Boese and the mailroom staff, Notifii Track has been nothing short of game-changing. The shift to mailroom software was an ideal solution with a win/win outcome for students and staff alike.

“Not only do we thank Notifii for their excellent product, software, and support, we most wholeheartedly endorse this product to other universities, colleges and all organizations which distribute large amounts of mail.”