How Package Management Services Bring Value To Your Community

When it comes to delivering packages and mail, residential communities thrive on efficiency and organization: when processes are broken or otherwise can’t deliver mail on time, your entire organization may suffer as a result.

Students may miss critical care packages from their families. Residences may be forced to make an extra trip to the store when packages are lost or misplaced. Packages stolen straight from the doorstep could pose dire financial consequences to the recipient.

Major carriers use package tracking services to prevent issues with sending and delivering packages, but multifamily residences and student housing facilities can benefit from this same technology.

Technology has long been the go-to solution to solve problems and make our lives easier. If you’re not using readily available solutions to improve your package tracking and handling, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to save time, money, and more than a few headaches for everyone.

Consider the following five benefits of using package tracking services in your residential community that can quickly produce visible results:

#1 – Internal Package Tracking Services Could Save You Thousands

Online shopping isn’t going anywhere, and as long as there’s e-Commerce, you’ll need to be prepared to manage your residents’ VIPs (Very Important Packages!) on their behalf.

But it only takes one lost or stolen package to sever the trust of your residents. If your community members can’t feel confident about receiving shipments to their homes, they may be more likely to find somewhere else to live.

This not only means you’ll have empty units, but will also have to spend money on marketing to find new residents to fill those spots. And if word gets out that your community isn’t safe or reliable for receiving packages, you could be facing thousands of dollars or more in lost revenue until you work through your mail issues.

Adding internal package tracking services can help mitigate this risk while adding value to the community lifestyle. Having proof of where and how your packages are handled can build trust within your community and show you’re invested in your members.

#2 – Add Efficiency to Your Processes

Processes enable efficiency, helping you take a methodical approach to a task to ensure that task is completed correctly every time. And when you can spend less time doing the same work, you automatically save money.

Using tracking software for packages helps communities standardize their approach to sending and receiving packages on behalf of their residents. You receive the package, send an alert to the package owner, and verify the pickup.

It’s an easy way to cut out your margin of error when assuming the role of a final mile delivery service, which is likely to become a growing responsibility for community managers as online shopping and distribution continue to increase.

#3 – Gain Higher Visibility into Every Package’s Journey

No property manager is an island. You rely on your team to carry out all aspects of running a successful community, including the way they handle and distribute packages.

But what happens when more than one team member plays a role in the process? Even with a standard approach to mail service, packages can still get lost, stolen, or otherwise misplaced.

Adding tracking services to your process provides transparency into how every package is handled once it reaches your community, and also who handled it – which can help all around for when quick questions do pop up.

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#4 – You Reduce Your Liability

Once a package enters your hands, you’re assuming the liability for that package. Your residents are entrusting you to ensure their goods make their way into the right hands.

Adding package tracking services adds an extra layer of security to instill good faith among your residents. Residents receive a notification that there’s a package waiting for them, and they can trust their packages are safe and secure until they’re able to come to pick them up.

This also allows you to ensure that you’re handing out the right packages to the right person. Logging each package that enters your building can greatly reduce errors and help you better manage the coming and going of your mail.

#5 – Everyone Get Desirable Results

When residents get their packages in good condition, on time, everyone benefits. You look like the package hero they need by having their goods readily accessible, safe, and secure. Plus, they can avoid costly trips to the store or having to go without their package’s important contents.

Having virtual amenities like package tracking services add up to major points for your residential community. It shows you’ve got your tenants’ best interest in mind and are proactively trying to make your community a great place to live.

These factors can go a long in way in retaining your current residents and attracting new ones to keep your units full.

Notifii Track: The Best Package Tracking Services for Residential Communities

Your residents depend on your mailroom to facilitate their everyday lives. Losing these valuable pieces could post devastating financial losses and other severe consequences. Mailrooms must be able to operate efficiently and with confidence for every package coming in or going out.

That’s why major carriers invest in package tracking services, and these services are also available for residential communities with Notifii Track.

Notiffi Track encompasses all of the above five benefits and more in a single solution. You gain deeper insight across your businesses package handling functionality, giving you data-driven ways to improve processes and ensure every resident’s packages remain safe, secure, and on time.

Schedule a free demo today to see Notifii Track in action to see how better package tracking services can transform your residential community.