5 Ways To Engage Current Customers

With the variety of digital channels available to communicate with your customers, it is difficult to cut through the noise and get your message across. Almost every communication medium available has some sort of “marketing bloat” where your message is surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands of other messages from other brands that may eclipse your efforts. These days many consumers feel inundated with messages that are often impersonal and unsubstantial. We’ve put together 5 examples of personalized messages that both provide value and drive engagement from your customers to try out!

1. Personalization

Whether the email be a receipt, a reminder, or a note about a sale – always use personalization! Dynamic placeholders are available in tools like Notifii Connect, and allow you to address your customer by name and make a significant impact. Segmentation is a fantastic way to keep messages personalized, too. For example, a landscaping company can send out specific emails to customers in zip codes more prone to damage from heavy rainfall during a rainy season, advertising a sale on maintenance related to the weather. This way the message is relevant, personalized, and more likely to elicit a response. For frequent repeat businesses, like salons, setting a regular check-in at 2 or 3 months from their last appointment, personalized with their name and the name of the stylist they used, you are more likely to get a response.

2. Thank First Time Customers (And Provide a Deal to Come Back)

Receipts are great but take your first-time purchases further. Sending an additional text or email thanking a customer for visiting for the first time and providing additional, related options to shop for incentivizes a first-time customer to become a repeat customer. A great example of this is in the fitness space. First-time visit to your yoga class? After the class, send a text thanking them for visiting your studio for the first time and a coupon for the next class.  This catches your customer at a time where you are already top of mind and have just experienced your services.

3. Respond Fast and Effectively

Set up channels for your customers to reach out with questions. Whether it be an SMS chat or a live chat on your website, the most important part of having these channels is making the customer experience easy. If your team responds within 1 minute, your customer will likely develop a sense of loyalty. Too long and this could lead to negative reviews or just the loss of a customer. Technology can help with this. Notifii Connect, for example, has an auto responder tool that can instantly send answers to a set of FAQs you identify. For any additional questions, your team can answer them using our app on any device!

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4. Send a Survey

Surveys are an effective way to show customers you care about their feedback. There are a variety of tools, from SurveyMonkey to Google Forms, you can use that are super low cost and help you gauge the effectiveness of your current communication strategy, your pricing, and your customer service. Keep track of when you send surveys. Ideally, this should be either when you see increased engagement from your customers or a bit of a lull. This way the information you get is meaningful. What are you doing right that is driving more engagement? What can you improve so that your customers are more engaged in the future?

5. Send Text Messages with Notifii Connect

Connect with your customers seamlessly with Notifii Connect. Our tool is jam-packed with useful features to help keep your customers coming back without breaking the bank or your team’s bandwidth from autoresponders to automated messages. Book a demo to see it live!