How To Get Creative With Your Package Tracking Software- and make it do more for your business

What happens in the corporate mailroom stays in the corporate mailroom — unless you’re using Notifii’s office package tracking software! Our barcode scanner and tracking app can do much more than log incoming packages, and we’re pulling back the curtain on all the details.

In an earlier post, we covered some of the most creative, outside of the box ways other industries are using our packaging tracking software. Now, we’re sharing how PetSmart, one of the country’s biggest retailers of pet food and products, is putting our technology to work in unique ways (and saving more than $10,000 per year in the process!).

Take a look:

Visual Directories for Better Deliveries

PetSmart’s corporate campus is home to about 1,600 employees. To keep track of such a large population, the company uses a Visual Directory tool to see where each person works within the campus. This tool is largely used on iOS, and since Notifii is also iOS compatible, PetSmart leaders decided to use their existing mapping to simplify deliveries.

With both tools in the same place, they’ve been able to streamline the entire process of how employees receive their parcels by cutting down on time spent searching for employees like needles in a haystack.

Mailroom Reporting and Analytics

Before PetSmart switched to Notifii Track, they were using an antiquated system that didn’t allow for photos, used specialized equipment (for comparison, Notifii is an iOS-compatible app, so all you really need are iPads), and offered no deeper insight into what’s coming and going from the mailroom.

Now, PetSmart leaders can use Notifii Track’s built-in reporting features to run analytics on every bit of mail that passes through. This includes, but is not limited to, the number of packages received each day, how quickly it takes recipients to collect their items, and even worker productivity.

Using this data, the company can make data-driven decisions to improve corporate mailroom operations that will ultimately benefit the company at large.

Label Printing for Perishables

PetSmart needed a better way to manage perishable deliveries. Items that needed refrigeration or immediate attention (e.g. flowers, food, etc.) couldn’t be scanned and stored like the rest of their incoming packages, so they turned to Notifii Track to fill the gaps.

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As a rule, Notifii Track uses scannable barcodes to log deliveries, but perishable items didn’t always come with a barcode to scan. To combat this, the company generates their own sticky labels in Excel that are compatible with Notifii Track’s scanners. “We print them out and make them available at the back counter for when we get flowers, when we get those edible arrangements, when we get food, perishables, and don’t have barcodes.”

With their own barcode system in place, PetSmart’s corporate mailroom is better able to give perishable items the attention they deserve with a proactive approach. Notifii will scan the in-house barcode and alert employees just like it would for a UPS or Fedex package.

Mail Stops for Faster Deliveries

Last but not least, PetSmart used Notifii Track to create mail stops, which are essentially their own internal delivery routes. Each mail stop comes with its own template notification. For example, the dry-cleaning mail stop includes a photo of the clothing and the receipt so employees will know how much they owe.

Also worth mentioning with the mail stop is that it allows mailroom workers to quickly identify an employee’s location on campus. Even if the mailroom didn’t know where a particular person sat, Notifii Track brings up their mail stop upon scanning the barcode so they can be located quickly and easily.

In total, Notifii Track has saved the PetSmart corporate mailroom about 11 hours of labor over the course of 20 days. Or, as our interviewee described, about $90.75 per week.

Final Thoughts

In our interview with PetSmart, they had this to say:

“Based off the time study in one year, Notifii has saved us 139 hours of associate labor that can be used to do other things…. This is on top of the $31,787 in savings from us switching to Notifii from our old provider. The hours and days equals $4,601.21 of associate pay per year.”

How will you use Notifii office package tracking in your corporate mailroom? And more importantly, how much will you save? Contact us today for a free demo!