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How to Get Your Message Across in 450 Characters or Less


Need to Put it In a Text? How to Get Your Message Across in 450 Characters or Less

D oes a character limit on text messages scare the words right out of your mind? It shouldn’t. Restrictions can be a good thing, as they encourage you to get creative with your thoughts and say only what’s most important.

And for residential communities, a character limit is even more of a good thing. They want you to get straight to the point so they don’t have to spend time picking out what they really need to know. And when they can understand your message instantly, they’ll be more likely to remember it and have a better impression of you as a result.

Though many consumers resort to abbreviations, short cuts, and “text speak,” this doesn’t exactly do your professional image any favors. Want to know how to send a property text like a pro? Here are some of the top practices for the best SMS marketing for small business:

Consider Your Goal

First things first: why are you sending a property text, anyway? There are tons of times when you may need to communicate with a resident, either one on one or at scale. Regardless, it helps to put your goal in the foreground and work backward to ensure you’re covering the most important information.

Before you send the text, write out a draft of your message and see how much wiggle room you have or how much you need to trim. If you’re over the character limit, read your message out loud to see where you can cut. With each elimination, re-read your message to ensure it still makes AND looks professional.

Front Load the Most Important Information

Just like email subject line best practices, your text messages should display the most important information first. Most people will read the beginning of your message but may not read all the way through to the end. If you need your resident to take action, it’s best to include it as early as possible so they won’t miss out.

Keep it Simple

Even with a character limit, it’s still possible to include too many details. Information overload can obscure the most important details and leave your resident wondering what to do next. Keep your message simple so that nothing gets lost in translation.

Eliminate Words When Possible

If you’re struggling to come in under the limit or simply want to tighten up your content, you may be able to eliminate words, or at the very least, substitute some words with shorter ones. We’re not going for creativity here, so don’t feel like every text has to be a literary masterpiece. Use short, concise language and get rid of extra words that don’t add any value to the content.

The best way to do this is to read your message out loud. As you cut words, continue reading it out loud to ensure it makes sense.

Embrace the Benefits of Shorter Texts

Just because you can use up to 450 characters doesn’t mean you should always hit the max. Shorter texts can be better since it means less reading, less writing, and less to remember.

Learn from News Headlines

When reading news headlines, you may have noticed that they follow a unique formula. They’re not complete sentences, but rather leave out certain words without altering the meaning. You can put this same formula to work in your texts. Typically, these extra words will be pronouns and articles, but read through a few for yourself and get a feel for which words to leave out.

Use Links

If you have a lot of information to share, don’t try to cram it into a series of texts. Instead, include a headline and a link for users to click to learn more. Link shorteners like were designed specifically for this reason, giving you an easy way to maximize character count without sacrificing the content of your message.

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