Office Creativity: How to Use Mobile Notifications to Keep Social Distancing

 Managers have taken precautions to keep their employees safe while finding innovative ideas to keep them productive and informed. One communication solution that has proved popular in recent times is a notification system. For years platforms like Youtube and Instagram have made mobile notifications the norm. Now it may be time for offices to adopt these types of notifications to keep up the health and safety of the workplace.

Here are some ways your office could benefit from a notification system…

Improve Workplace Health and Safety

Mobile notifications help communicate with employees without having to meet with them personally. Keep remote employees informed about procedural changes. Use notifications to send out mass invitations to a video conference call, or send notifications to select team members to join a virtual collaboration space! 

Even if you welcomed employees back to the office, mobile notifications can help inform employees while maintaining social distancing. 

Digital signage products like Breakroom work as a digital break room bulletin board so you can update it without having to physically touch it. Limiting the number of workers physically updating and rearranging a bulletin board or other public areas can greatly reduce the spread of germs while still implementing a communication solution that works.

Keep Engagement High with Mobile Notifications

Notifications are one of the most effective communication solutions to reach workers. A recent study found that COVID-19 has driven notification engagement rates to its highest levels in years. Direct open rates increased 22% for apps and 119% for websites in March 2020. The data suggests opting for mobile notification over other means of communication, like email, to convey urgent information to your workers. For example, mobile notification would be the way to go if you need to inform your employees of possible COVID-19 exposure in the office. 

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Check-In on Worker Wellbeing

In a world where everything is uncertain, it is important to provide support to those around us. If employees are working remotely, they may be feeling overly isolated. Notifications can help employees feel more engaged. Many applications allow managers to check whether employees have opened notifications; a way of checking in on your employees to see if they are feeling ok. If a team member has not opened their notifications in a while maybe it is time to give them a call. 

Send Out Automatic Package Notifications with Notifii Track

Use mobile notifications to support your touchless procedures with Notifii Track! Notifii Track is a package logging and notification software for corporate mailrooms and buildings. Track will automatically notify employees when their package has arrived allowing them to go pick it up themselves, reducing the time it takes to clear out your mailroom by 60%. 

Your employees may need to receive their packages urgently. Make sure no time is wasted, and your employees remain social distancing by promptly notifying them with Notifii Track.