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Notifii Track is a cloud-based, app-based package management software designed to save the user time by decreasing the time spent logging packages down to seconds.

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Track OCR Tool

Log packages in and out in a snap

Spend 75% less time on package logging by just snapping a photo from your phone or tablet. All the information is collected in a few seconds!

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Send automatic notifications

Notifii Track automatically sends email and text notifications based on actions taken in the program, such as logging in a package.

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Searchable history and reports

Find package information instantly by searching for name, tracking number, or unit number, and watch your data be curated into organized reports such as pending packages, monthly totals, and much more.

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Number of Units Pricing per month
Up to 200 $79
Up to 300 $99
Up to 400 $119
Up to 500 $139
Over 500 Contact us
Number of Students/Staff Pricing per month
Up to 1,000 $129
Up to 3,000 $229
Up to 5,000 $329
Up to 7,000 $429
Over 7,000 Contact us
Number of Employees Pricing per month
Up to 500 $79
Up to 1,000 $119
Up to 2,000 $179
Up to 3,000 $239
Over 3,000 Contact us
Number of Beds Pricing per month
Up to 600 $79
Up to 900 $99
Up to 1,200 $119
Up to 1,500 $139
Over 1,500 Contact us

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