“Anyone who values not watching their employees sweat over antiquated software will find this worth it.”


The McKesson team felt disorganized and inefficient using WASP barcode scanner, and made the switch to Notifii. See why.


Kew Management

“Notifii was easy to implement, the app was easy to add, and all of our contacts were easy to update.”



“I’m a huge fan of Notifii, especially after the experience we’ve had on every front. I love it!”

Detroit Lions

“Notifii has helped me build Detroit Lions Shipping and Receiving room into the best mailroom in the NFL! If you’re looking for a cloud based Tracking Software check them out!”


Gogo Air

“This product is very well done, it also comes at a good price point and is definitely easy to use and customize.”


After out-growing their software, Skechers made the switch to Notifii Track for their mailroom needs.


T-Mobile Arena

“By using Notifii I can now scan the tracking number and take pictures to send to the recipient and by doing this it speeds up the delivery.”


“The biggest standout with Notifii is that we have increased accountability and decreased liability. It saves us the worry about whether or not someone got their package.”