Wisconsin Management Company

“It’s phenomenal, we have yet to lose a single package. Everything has been 100% accounted for, and that is something that no one else can say without a system like this.”



“With Notifii Connect we can prepare a quick text or even a nice flyer and have it out to the 500+ apartments in minutes. It’s been a game-changer.”


Northwood Ravin Apartments

“Our team has less to inventory overnight and can focus more on other things to benefit the residents.”


National Housing Trust

“Once we started using Notifii, we were updating contact lists, reaching out to residents and ensuring that they had everything they needed to ride the wave of the pandemic”


WillMax Capital

“We’re more organized with our packages and our residents are happy. It has definitely helped us a lot!”


Caprock Crossing Apartments

“I love your product. When I figured out how to use the prospect feature it was an absolute game-changer.”