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For the last 10 years, Notifii has been moving the day to day notification systems for property and facility managers to the cloud — to make everyday communications quick and painless. From package management to resident notices, power your onsite office with Notifii.

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Package management

Notifii Track is a cloud-based, app-based package management software designed to save the user time by decreasing the time spent logging packages down to seconds.

  • Smart Snap OCR Tool
  • Automatic email & text notifications
  • Directory integrations

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Asset management

Notifii Checkout eliminates the cost of lost assets by efficiently tracking the equipment your business relies on with a simple and effective cloud-based solution.

Popular features

  • Camera to scan log in/out
  • Automatic notifications
  • Equipment reservation

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Package lockers

Notifii’s smart lockers provide a secure and fully integrated solution to simplify courier drop-off, storage, and self-service pick-up.

  • Seamless Track integration
  • Direct carrier delivery
  • Self-service pick-up

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See How It Works

Notifii Track

Package management made smart

Notify your employees instantly as their personal and work packages make their way to the mail room. Clear out the mail room 60% faster with the power of automation and notifications.


Notifii Checkout

Efficient and reliable asset management

Efficiently track the equipment your business relies on with a simple and effective cloud-based solution.

Notifii Lockers

Simple, secure, and smart

Combining Notifii Lockers with Notifii Track empowers you to seamlessly log packages in and out, while also providing residents with the convenience of safety, security, and automated retrieval from our smart locker system.

“In three years, Notifii will have saved PetSmart $31,000+ in simply switching from our previous provider.”