Maintain Business as Usual with Two Way Communications

COVID-19 has changed how many property management teams do business and connect with their residents. Property managers have had to completely rethink their approach to day-to-day work in a people-driven industry. Management’s new goal is to attempt business as usual while limiting contact with others. Luckily the 21st century provides us with a plethora of communication options that allow us to do just that. With the use of email, text messaging, and video conferencing many businesses are able to transition routine tasks to a virtual platform and retain a sense of normalcy.  Here’s how two way communications can help you maintain “business as usual”: 

Avoid Face to Face Contact

Any face to face contact during COVID-19 is risky whether it is between your employees or your residents. Mass text messaging allows you to alert residents and employees without having to meet them personally. A resident communications tool, like Notifii Connect, can help you by sending community wide messages through text, email, or push notification. Let people know about urgent notices, deadlines, or rent without having to leave your home office! 

Virtual Inspections

Another great way to maintain business as usual is to use apps like Zoom or Skype to continue your routine inspections by video call. Have your residents download the app on their phone or computer and walk around their home or apartment to help you complete your inspection report (Source: Elite Agent). This retains the two way communication you had in person, just with a screen added in.

Set up Socially Distanced Events

Many of your residents and team members are probably getting restless being cooped up at home. Research has linked social isolation to declining mental health. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, more people who are sheltering in place (47%) report negative mental health effects than those who are not sheltering in place (37%). It is important now more than ever to make an effort to raise the spirits of your residents. Easily set up socially distanced events by sending out mass texts or emails with suggestions of virtual activities to bring the community together. Connect with your team by maintaining office events virtually: have weekly lunches or drinks over video call. Send out suggestions of a trivia, gaming, or movie nights to keep your residents or employees mentally together even if they can’t be physically together. 

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Get Fast Feedback

This pandemic has taken a toll on everybody and the needs of your residents will change with the times. Ask residents for suggestions on ways you can improve the safety and cleanliness of the community to make them feel secure. Using Notifii Connect to interact with specific residents will allow you to personally ask them what they need and receive a quick response back. This gives you an opportunity to improve your service and make your residents feel more comfortable.

Get Back to Business with Notifii Connect

  • Improve resident communication with mass emails, text messages, or push notifications 
  • Deliver relevant and precise information to your residents by messaging the whole community, small groups, or particular individuals
  • Enhance your socially distanced events by having residents RSVP through Notifii Connect
  • Evolve past the use of paper flyers and deliver messages electronically for more efficient and socially distanced communication 

Notifii Connect can help us socially distance while still maintaining a sense of normalcy. Try it today!