Keeping Office Mailroom Manageable from Shipping Bottlenecks

The cascading effect of supply chain bottlenecks that leave ships stranded in port and bog down businesses are detailed in this AP post. Perhaps your office mailroom has experienced a similar effect – when an overwhelming flood of incoming packages arrived, creating a distribution challenge. You can prevent such a crisis in the future by taking precautions today. Anticipate potential office mailroom overloads. Implement helpful adjustments, including up-to-date, cloud-based mailroom software – to assist in managing the rising tide of inbound package traffic.

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The Domino Effect of Shipping Dams

The list of products in greatest demand changed drastically when the pandemic began. Shortages and surpluses were the results. Adding to the difficulty, production was halted as factories were shuttered due to outbreaks or to contain the spread of the virus. A massive backlog of orders piled up. As the virus’ status has lessened, factories in China and other nations from which US companies receive manufactured products ramped up. As a result, massive amounts of products await unloading, aboard ships that clog ports in Los Angeles as well as other cities, particularly along the West Coast.

This KTLA 5 News report notes the chain reaction effect of shipping bottlenecks. Delays occur during the unloading stage as the number of trucks available to ship packages inland is insufficient to keep up with the influx of container-filled ships.

The Chain Reaction Reaches Every Office Mailroom

Today’s fluctuations in the availability of items ordered internationally make it difficult to predict the rate of inbound package arrival.

The efficiency of communication and immediate response from departments or individuals receiving inbound packages is essential. Otherwise, shipping bottlenecks can overwhelm mailroom staff. Packages may sit unclaimed for extended periods, taking up needed space and perhaps spoiling if the contents are perishable.  

Minimizing Office Mailroom Bottlenecks

Prepare for large shipments

Do your best to predict when a higher volume of packages will arrive simultaneously. Send out notifications so staff members are on alert. Have a system in place for contacting package recipients as soon as deliveries are checked in. Send out periodic reminders until each package is picked up.

Make adjustments for current conditions

Change your mailroom hours or notification settings so staff members can pick up deliveries quickly. You can control foot traffic through your mailroom if necessary by carefully scheduling hours of operation as well as times of pickup.

Adopt a superior package management system

An efficient package management system is an essential feature of every office mailroom. A system featuring the ability to easily and promptly notify your employees immediately when shipments arrive – and provide reminders later – prevents mailroom backup.

Which Package Management System is Right for Your Mailroom?

Consider various traditional options. None is as efficient as a cloud-based, automated, modern system. 

Pen and paper systems may seem to work for very small companies. Large deliveries present a definite problem. A comprehensive system could save time and money. Cloud-based software as a service makes automated systems affordable for even small businesses.   

On-premises, complex, dedicated systems are only feasible for large as well as profitable corporations. They may be bulky and outdated. These systems also run the risk of lost data since it is stored at a physical location. 

Package lockers are only suitable for small items. And of course, there’s still the need for a separate notification system. Bottlenecking could become a big problem if packages aren’t picked up promptly. 

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Notifii’s Cloud-Based Mailroom Software System

Notifii Track can organize your mailroom, keep employees updated and informed in real-time concerning the status of deliveries. Prompt package pickup by the proper employee or department when shipments arrive will keep the flow through your office mailroom steady as well as manageable at all times.  

The system allows you to log packages in and out instantly. It automatically sends an email as well as text notifications to the appropriate destinations based on specified actions taken in the program, such as logging in a package.

Package information can also be located instantly by searching for a name, tracking, or unit number. Your data will be curated into organized reports. For example:

  • pending packages
  • monthly totals
  • many more options

Attach specialized tags to notify recipients that their delivery requires unique handling or prompt attention.

Monthly software subscriptions are priced reasonably. With costs appropriately calculated for various business sectors

Notifii Track Features:

  • Automated reminders as an integral part of the package management tool
  • Automated reminders that can push text messages out at the frequency you define (every day, every hour, every week)
  • Placeholders in the communication allow you to address each recipient by name
  • Both text and email notification capabilities

Mailroom inbound delivery volume grows exponentially. In addition to the current issues created by shipping delays, 75% of employees responding to a poll say they plan to expand their online shopping activities over the next few years.

Don’t let the problems created by shipping bottlenecks funnel down to your business. Clear out your office mailroom fast with Notifii Track inbound package management software. Schedule a demo to view Notifii Track – an example of optimal mailroom software. The key to managing ever-increasing mail room traffic.

Contact us with questions about how the system can solve your company’s office mailroom problems.

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