Manual Package Management vs. Package Management Software

Manual Package Management vs. Package Management Software

If there’s one thing all property managers have in common, it’s that they all have to find ways to do a LOT more for a LOT less. That means when it comes to technology, it’s about prioritizing what tools can truly create efficiencies for your team.

Package management software—usually a stealth expense that many don’t even have a line item in their budgets for—is a perfect example of a game-changing tool that can save thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of your staff’s time.

How quickly can you “manually” process a package?

Take a quick survey of your employees who log in packages manually and use the guide below to calculate your cost per year. On average, it takes about 6.2 minutes to log in a package by hand and notify a resident. Tack on another 5 for each notification to the resident, and another 3 minutes to log it out.

[idea](hours per package) x (hourly rate of staff) x (number of packages per day) x (hours spent resolving package issues per day) x (12) = total cost of package management[/idea]

In the end, it’s a pretty gut-wrenching number.

There’s a Noticeable Difference with a Package Management Tool

  • Using a package management solution, it would only take about 1.6 minutes to process each package
  • That’s a savings of 4.6 minutes per package, or 74% less time using a package management solution
  • In terms of the time specified, put towards logging packages in, package management solutions reduce what normally requires 2-3 minutes per package to just 20 seconds per package
  • Said differently, if you get 50 packages a day, you can potentially reduce your overall package processing time by 4 hours a day simply by using a package management solution

At Notifii, we believe that technology should be an investment that immediately begins to affect your bottom line. Our package management solution, Notifii Track, is a cloud-based solution that dramatically reduces the amount of time your staff spends on package logging and tracking, and powerfully proves it’s impacted by generating thousands of dollars of saving to your bottom line.

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